August 2011

  • Brighid’s Cross: Received final line edits from Lovely, Intrepid Editor ™ on Saturday, nothing major, though Divine Final Line Editor did notice one or two areas of clarification needed, for which I am immensely grateful. When you send your darling out into the Big Bad World to make its uncertain way, it’s nice to know more than one person is watching to make sure it’s shoes are tied–even if you’ve checked at least three times. Once again, my book is beginning to look suspiciously like A Book, only now more so. o_O


  • Keepers of the Flame #2: Prep work is complete. Now we begin re-drafting process. I hope to have a new rough draft of this Trunk Exile by the end of August, thus marking a successful Rehabilitation.


  • Big Dang Projeckt: Creeping up on Midpoint, with some exciting stuff in the works. Still in love with this project, always a good sign. I learned some interesting things about my titular character this week I didn’t know before, which, I believe was exactly the kind of baggage I was looking for. She really needed the extra dimension, and the discovery process is part of the joy of writing for me. These people really do have lives of their own when I’m not there, poking them around the stage with an imperious, goddess-like finger.


  • ROW80: Had some LiveJournal issues this past week, as most of you are probably aware, so it was an epic flail in regards to my sponsorhood duties. This week I am building this WordPress site as a central location for Stuff, in case this happens again. Lesson Learned. This round of ROW80 continues on into September.


  • Online Writing Workshop: Still critiquing a First Chapter of a fantasy novel on OWW each week, which has afforded me a variety of styles, experiences, and stories. If anyone ever says all fantasy is the same hasn’t read enough of it. There’s some really great stuff out there, and more stuff coming down the pike if any of my review experiences–all great–is any indication. It makes me excited for the genre, and the industry as a whole. So many great voices out there, just waiting to be discovered!

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