September 2011

  • Brighid’s Cross: Recently received concept art for the cover art, and all I can say is whoo! Hoo-da-lally! That is some snazzy lookin’ coverage. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to the finishied product. Also, we are two (TWO!!) months from launch. *sputter* *choke* *thud* In honor of this milestone, an excerpt is now available. Also, while I was able to post Brighid’s Cross onto Goodreads with a future published date, I have yet figured out how to do this on Amazon/Shelfari. Any advice regarding this (apparently) fruitless endeavor is much appreciated.
  • Keepers of the Flame #2: The rough draft is moving apace. I want to have the final manuscript in to Lovely, Intrepid Editor ™ by September 30. Combining the “rules” (aka mythos) of the world I created for Brighid’s Cross with more demonology and now a healthy helping of voodoo is proving to be an interesting, and fascinating, task.
  • Big Dang Projeckt: Creeping up on Midpoint, most stealthily. I had to go back in recent weeks to learn more about my protagonist’s father’s story, given his history with the main antagonist. My Good Guy cast is about to become fully entangled with my Bad Guy cast, and sorting out the threads beforehand is intricate work–so many dynamics converging, and, of course, being Midpoint–EVERYTHING CHANGES.
  • ROW80:Enjoying my sponsorship duties thoroughly. It’s uplifting to give back to the proverbial community by sharing one’s recent good karma. I’ll also be reading and reviewing fellow ROW-er Kait Nolan’s Red before the month is out. Tune in for updates.
  • OWW: Alas, I’ve had to pull back for the time being on critiquing First Chapters on the workshop, given my need to focus on plot shenanigans for Big Dang Projeckt. However, do not despair! I am still accepting requests for critiques, so I will post submission guidelines shortly if you are not currently or do not want to become a member of OWW. And I will return to my normally scheduled one chapter/week goal as soon as I am able. If you’re interested in a First Chapter critique, feel free to wave your hand in the comments.

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