October 2011 – Cate Watch

Spotting the elusive Writer Monkey in the wild . . .

Brighid’s Cross:

One month until launch! Where does the time go? o_O We have cover art and pre-order capability is engaged (see my Keepers of the Flame page for linky-links). Also, I now have an Author Page on Amazon and am fixing to launch a Facebook page for the Keepers series, so keep (ha) a weather eye on the horizon for further updates throughout the month. Shelfari actually has the first chapter available to try, so feel free to come round and have yerself a gander.

I also need to get a Goodreads event or three in gear. Anyone have a line on a good countdown widget? Leave it in the comments.

Keepers of the Flame #2:

Book 2 now has a working title of Marked. I’m buzzing through the rough draft, utterly missing my self-imposed deadline, but that’s okay. I didn’t sell Marked on proposal (even though Lovely, Intrepid Editor has agreed to let me submit it directly to her, even if all her spots are filled), so I can enjoy the sound of ballistic deadlines zooming past my head. I do, however, want at least a rough draft done before launch of Book 1.

Big Dang Projeckt:

Alls I can say is, oof. Still pecking merrily way, but there are going to be some serious revisions happening once I get to the end. Ser-ee-ous. But that’s okay. There’s a time for revisory endeavors, and after the first draft is pounded out in a lump of blood, sweat, and cursing is that time. I haven’t gotten much past Midpoint, honestly, but this is always the slowest/most frustrating part for me–the torturous climb to Plot Point 2. On the upside, most of Climax to Closing Scene is already pretty much written. I think the initial draft is going to end up clocking in at around 100K words, but as I’m not one for keeping track of word count, that’s just a rough guesstimate.


Round 4 of the writing challenge that lets you have a life (and thank goodness for dat) is just around the corner, and once again I’m helping sponsor, because I believe in giving back.  I’ve been very, very blessed this year, especially on the writing front, and I give thanks for every day I get to do what I love most. This is my chance to pay it forward.








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