MonkeyWatch-December 2011

What a long, strange trip it’s been.

  • Brighid’s Cross

Big, soppy, glorious THANK YOU to all who helped my launch my maiden voyage this month. The reviews haven’t been half bad, and the interview experiences over with Moira Rogers and Number One Novels was thrilling, the commenters without equal. Big Author Hugs to all. You are all Fuh-mazing.


  • Marked (Keepers #2)

A (very) rough draft is in the trunk, with airholes punched in. Lovely, Intrepid Editor has left Samhain Publishing to much wailing and gnashing of teeth on my part, and I’m sure I’m not alone.I’m already in touch with Shiny New Editor, whom I must find a worthy moniker for.


  • Big Dang Projekt

Closing in on the home stretch. December 31 is fast approaching. Cross your fingers and utter prayers to the dear and fuzzy lord of your choice and the ‘Verse at large on my behalf, folks.


  • Looking Ahead To 2012
  1. Workshop/Edit/Polish/Shop Big Dang Projekt
  2. Spin the “Wheel of “Projekts” to determine next year’s er, Big Dang Projekt.
  3. Use my Little Black Book of Story Ideas ™ and Official Random Idea Chooser* to determine which three novellas I’m going to develop for the year.
  4. Get back on the Online Writer Workshop paddy wagon asap. Time to spread some good karma, since I’ve been such an overwhelming recipient myself.
  5. 12-week bloggity blog series on acquiring/maintaining balance (no to mention sanity) in the writing life, based on principles of the Franklin Covey. I’m a huge fan, and it occurred to me that while FC focuses on all life, I wanted to narrow it down to the Writing Life. I guess this means I should begin prepping now. *grins*
  6. Continue ROW80 as a participant and a sponsor. Because the Awesome does not stop.



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