Year Of The Writer Monkey

Or, Times, They Are A-Changin’

According to the Chinese calendar, I was born during the Year of the Dragon. This apparently means several things–that I’m highly creative, am secretly a loner despite having no trouble making friends, and have a nasty little habit of making ambitious plans and wanting to accomplish them all in one go. It also means I’m fiercely loyal and something of a fighter. (Funny–I just thought I was Irish.)

Fast forward 11-12 years when the Year of the Dragon swings round again. It’s a difficult period in my life. Hitting puberty and all the angst this implies, in a hurry to be an adult, seeking approval from someone, anyone. Not great in school, a natural musician but without the inclination (let alone drive) to become truly great. I played both piano and clarinet, entered a top level junior high that was highly competitive and more like a high school, and epically failed to belong (a pattern I was unable to break three solid years until I discovered the threatre). In the struggle to find myself without much support from home I managed to give myself an ulcer. I was twelve.

Again, 11-12 years later, Year of the Dragon. Now destiny begins to take hold. I have a day job in a field I never would have imagined coming into, one I’m good at but don’t particularly like. But it gives me my weekends and evenings free, with the added bonus of a two-minute commute consisting of walking across the street. It is a relief to live alone in peace and quiet, amidst a thriving theatre district. Between my apartment building and my office building is a qaint, quirky little bar. This proves convenient for meeting my future husband the same day my long-distance relationship breaks up without ever really taking hold. Whoever said everything happens for a reason knew what they were talking about. Hubs and I started talking that night and haven’t stopped since.

I think someone’s on to me.

In January 2012 the Year of the Dragon will arrive yet again, carrying on until February 2013, and the theme of change continues. Hubs and I not only moved out of state, but to an altogether different part of the country. I’m still in the same field of business, and once again we domicile across the street from the day job. But I’ve published my first story with a great publisher, with more on the way. By the time the Year of the Dragon comes around again I want, so badly, to be able to say my day job is my passion–writing. It was always books that carried me through the changes, good and bad.

 Here’s to making the Year of the Dragon the Year of the Writer Monkey. Not just for me, but for all of us who live in books.


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