The End Is Nigh

Writer’s Log, author date: 9.14.2012.

The Evil Day Jobbe of Supreme Evilness has been vanquished for another week, though I highly suspect it will rear its ugly head again come Monday. Captain Tech Monkey and I returned to the ship armed with a variety of local liquors in thanks for our hard work. There, on the porch, we encountered a curious thing.

After much careful examination, we determined it was a box, inexplicably camped out in clear hopes of being invited indoors. Naturally, after the tribble fiasco, we were leary of giving in to its understated blandishments.

Captain Tech Monkey lifted the box and gave it a gentle shake. “Did you order something?”

I had, but much too recently for the shipment to arrive by anything except transporter. Upon entering domestic quarters, Science Officer Thing One and Security Officer Thing Two bounded onto the communal table to investigate. They reassured us no tribbles were contained or involved by their repeated requests to open the damned thing already.

So we did, scientifically (by locating the Right Side Up bit) and with phasers on stun (i.e. a steak knife). And Lo, we were rewarded with Swag. And not just ANY Swag, oh, no:

Not Tribbles!

Author copies!! Which means, YES, there WILL be a Giveaway (stay tuned for details). I’m thrilled to be keeping such illustrious company as the divine Mina Carter and the superlative Karen Erickson.

Big, shouty THANK YOU to Samhain Publishing, Ltd for giving a new, untried author a go, and to my amazingly patient support system. May you all live long and prosper.

In other updates: Keepers of the Flame #2 is currently in the hottest of hands (i.e., Editor Awesome). If accepted, you can expect to see New Orleans and her Voudon Loa join the ranks of Keeper lore. The puzzle pieces of Keepers #3 are being collected and pinned to the Corkboard of Doom like so many butterflies fluttering around in my creative subsconscious. The Divine Muse is looking a little tired, trying to capture them all.

In the meantime: NUMFAR! Do the Dance of Joy!!


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