The End Is Nigh Giveaway

As you may recall from my last Author’s Log post, I may or may not have promised a Giveaway of my tribbles author copies of the upcoming End of Days Anthology from Samhain Publishing, Ltd.

In honor of our official release date on October 2, I’m giving y’all, my fellow Word Wranglers and Reader Monkeys, two chances to win:

The Rules, As I Sees ‘Em (Cuz I Dun Made Dem Up)

1. Hie thee over to Goodreads and enter to win copy numero uno. A random winner will be chosen by Goodreads staff using sciency-type stuff like algorithms and possibly Dr. Sheldon Cooper.

2. Do you have proof the End Is Upon Us? Or is it all a vast and vile conspiracy? Got zombies on the brain? Post your favorite apocalyptic theory or photo at your online space and link it in the comments here, or on Twitter @typemonkeytype using the hashtag #endofdays. I’ll consult with the Ninja Katz to choose The Winner. who will then be contacted for an address and have their Swag foisted upon them by a grateful author (namely, me).

The contest will run from October 2nd until October 6 (one week). On October 7 the contest is officially closed, at which point winners will be chosen.

Have I mentioned lately how awesome you guys are? *scrunchy face*


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