In Which We Give Thanks

‘Tis that time of year again: time to take stock of what we’re thankful for.  Here’s my list, not necessarily in order:

Captain Tech Monkey: a.k.a. the Darling Spouse (D.S. for short). Oh-my-mashed-potatoes-and-gravy, y’all. BEST. HUSBAND. EVAR. He cooks. He cleans. He fixes my computer. He makes sure the Interwebz be active. He clears the litter boxes, plural. Daily. He thinks it’s awesome that I write, and shills by books upon innocent, unsuspecting bystanders he encounters throughout the day. He puts up with all my writerly foibles. AWESOME.

My Readers: I know, at this very early stage of my career, that it will take some time to build up a solid eadership (not that you guys are all squishy or anything). But you bought my book(s), taking a chance on a new author with your hard-earned moolah. Or you’ve at least considered it, tagging my modest contributions “To Be Read” on Goodreads, or signed up for a giveaway or two.  Or you are aware, vaguely, that I have book(s). At least, you are now, if you’re still reading at this point. I love you guys. Raaaaaally, I do. *hugs*

My Publisher and Editor Awesome: For taking a chance on me, then, upon realization of what they’ve gotten themselves into, didn’t immediately eject me via the nearest airlock. For putting up with me. For pairing me with the likes of Karen Erickson and Mina Carter, whose company I am humbled to keep. For being one of the Good Guys. *more hugs*

The Stories: Without the stories (i.e. The Voices In My Head), I couldn’t be a writer. And I am so, so grateful to be a writer. To have access to a computer, to paper and pen, to words. Words make me vera, vera      happa.

The Necessities: It’s natural, during this time of year, to turn our attention to Christmas–what with shelving ornaments alongside Halloween candy at the local market–before Halloween. It’s easy to feel rushed, to start gearing up for The Season. To go “Oooo, shiny–IT MUST BE MINE!” It’s easy to forget there are so many people who don’t have new shiny toys to look forward to, or to buy for someone else. So easy to forget so many who don’t have the basic human needs in life covered that we might take for granted-food, water, shelter, the respect and dignity of being treated like a human being. So thank you, Powers That Be, for giving me those things. Please don’t let me forget those that don’t, and help me do what I can to help.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone–may you all be happy, and healthy. Go forth and be awesome.


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