Author Watch: In Which We Survive 2012

Take That, Mayans!

Happy New Year!

So, the End of Days, other than a certain book release (ahem), doesn’t seem to be upon us after all, making the whole 12/21/2012 thing join the slightly embarrassed ranks of Y2K. But that’s good, right? A fresh new year! A clean slate! Shiny new toys! YAY!!

Captain Tech Monkey, brilliant and darling spousal unit that he is, made it through another semester of school. If all goes well, I should be able to retire from Evil Day Jobbe by 2015 or so. It’s impossible to know, geographically speaking, where we’ll end up after he graduates and (hopefully) lands his Dream Job, but we Have A Plan and we’re Sticking To It, whilst leaving wiggle room for flexibility, which is about all you can do. I must admit the idea of returning to a cold weather climate after so many years in Sunny Florida as me whimpering just a bit.

Say what you like about the drivers (believe me, the stories are all too true), it’s the weather and variety of food and entertainment that’s the real draw. I love my little condo. I loved waking up in the morning (especially Christmas morning), looking out my window with coffee in hand, and seeing bright blue skies and palm trees. That’s right–palm trees, my good sir.



Also in News that is Awesome, I have a shiny new editor at Samhain, the intrepid and lovely Holly Atkinson. Welcome, Holly! I hope I don’t break you–er, I mean, I hope you have fresh batteries. And a charger. And capacity for copious amounts of alcohol.

So, what does your friendly author monkey hope to accomplish in 2013? Let’s break out the slides, shall we? *ignores groans and self-inflicted stabbings*

Write/submit 3-4 novella manuscripts. Two of those will probably be for Keepers, one for a new series of contemporary romance with a running theme of creative endeavors I’m tentatively calling Waking Muse, and one I’d like to be a steampunk series I’m calling The Carlisle Chronicles, which will be a sort of Tomb Raider-meets-steampunk family saga. I don’t know if Samhain will accept a steampunk manuscript, so I may end up having to research other markets. I may also consider self-publishing. I love Samhain so much, though, that I hope they’ll take it.

Finish Big Dang Projeckt. This is something I’ve been pecking away at as much as possible over the years, with many lofty ideas of how long it should take to finish a polished draft. I love the world and characters so much, though, that I find myself lingering there. However, I have a fully detailed outline so I should finally be able to buckle down, get this be-yotch written, polished to within an inch of its life, begin the BETA/critique process somewhere in the 3rd quarter or so.

Branding.  It’s time to get out in the community more. This means providing more First Chapter critiques over at the Online Writing Workshop for Sci-Fi, Fantasy, & Horror, hanging out at Query Tracker, and, of course, participating in A Round of Words in 80 Days, and the feeding frenzy that is social media. Most important, though, I’ve decided to subscribe this blog into domain status, and to get some really cool, professional artwork and possibly make a few (minor) changes.

How about you, dear readers and fellow Word Wranglers? Do you have any creative goals for the year? Share in the comments!


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