Author Watch: Words, Words, Words

CurseYouI suspect Shiny New Laptop has made Clunky Desktop jealous.

It’s my fault, really. I’ve been neglecting it (although the Ninja Katz are still in residence).

First, it let in a virus that allowed hackery hijinks into my secondary–and professional, password-protected–email address. Then, it nommed my flashdrive–backup numero uno–to crunchy bits. Next, it fragged my external hard drive, backup number two. Then I discovered, to my howling dismay, that Scrivener auto-backups every session to the same location as the primary file unless manually re-directed. I’m still learning Scrivener, so, alas, did not realize this until much too late.

As in, prior to harnessing my Inner Dark Side and reformatting with an Evil Laff ™.

Beware the power of the Dark Side, y’all. It takes you literally.

Also, all super villains possess the fatal qualities that eventually lead to their own downfall.

I postured. I cursed. I used force lightening until the Ninja Katz’ fur stood on end. All assuming, of course, that I was backed up from here to Korriban.

“Wipe them all out,” I intoned, giving my desktop another zap of lightning for good measure.

It did.

Or, rather, I did.

The good news: Keepers #3 is alive and doing well, although occasionally it whimpers in the dark of night.

The bad news: Big Dang Projeckt is utterly, irrevocably space dust. All 10K of it.

Did I mention “sigh”?

In other good news, I posted a new, FREE, flash fiction story for your enjoyment, dear readers. I’d like to post one of these per month, time permitting. There’s a link in the margin (FREE!) for your convenience.

In other other good news, I reflexively tapped into the Clouds of Inspiration and, through some crazy-sauce juxtaposition of forces, captured the bolt of lightening that carried the name of the Steampunk series I’d like to start this year: Blood & Steam. Blood, because the series will center around the Carlisle family, and Steam because, well, steam.

How about you guys? Ever fall victim to the power of your own Dark Side?


3 thoughts on “Author Watch: Words, Words, Words

  1. Ryan King says:

    Oh my goodness no! You even backed up AND still lost it. That’s a real kick in the gut if ever there was one. I’m sorry. It’s never pleasant to rewrite after that but you know what? I’ve found the new re-write to be better than the original. It sucks you have to do it but chances are higher that it’ll be better this round. Best of luck!

    1. catemorgan says:

      You’re right about that, Ryan–the rewrite almost ends up stronger (faster, better than before–we HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY). Thanks for the encouragement! *gears up for Massive Rewrite of Awesome.

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