Author Watch: Wibbly-Wobbly and Timey-Wimey

typeitytypeity February has proven to be a busy, busy month for a certain Writer Monkey. Somehow, through some crazy sauce juxtaposition of space and time, every week this last month seemed to produce an extra day. Every week I thought it was one day when it was actually the day before, or something, and yet, still ended up with only one Friday.

Perhaps someone in the cast of Rocky Horror did the Time Warp unsupervised beyond the acceptable boundaries of performance space. Or maybe the Doctor took us for a spin in the Tardis and then wiped our memories (in which case I feel ROBBED, and I demand a do-over).

It case you missed my celebration blog over President’s Day weekend, a stunningly rough draft of Keepers #3 now exists. I managed to hit the mark on Saturday of that weekend, saved the draft, and went to email Editor Awesome the good news…only to find an email from Editor Awesome with revision notes for Keepers #2.

All’s I can say, folks–I am hella-happy I did indeed hit my mark on Keeper’s #3 when I set out to. Also, Editor Awesome has some serious IMPECCABLE timing. Like, creepy-town impeccability.

That same week my company aquisitioned another and then ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE AND RAN OVER MY FACE. I have spent my ensuing (very little) free time more or less collapsed in a dead man’s sprawl, reeling from the impact. This is definitely a case of life interruptus extremus.

It would have been so easy, y’all, to don snorkel and heave-ho into briny deey of revisions. I was anxious to, but that eager anxiety to GET IT DONE NOW and SEND SEND SEND has been my downfall more than once. So I gave Keepers 2 some space, so I had time to cogitate what needed to be done and how I was going to approach it. Instead I worked on character files for both Waking Muse #1 (next novella on the docket) and Big Dang Projeckt.

Last weekend I re-approached Keepers 2 with a healthy amount of trepidation. It had been many months since Keepers 2 and I had, without so much as a mild haraunging of wit between us. How bad would it be? How much blood and sweat would I have to part with this time? Should I have a transfusion team on hand, just in case?

It could have been worse. Notes from Editor Awesome were as follows:

1. Head-hopping = dizzy readers. Stop that. (Yes, ma’am.)

2. Develop emotional/romance arc further between hero and heroine.

3. Expand/elaborate/push stakes in climax/catharsis scene.

My first revision pass went well–and fast. I feel confident that when Perfectly Polished In Every Way, this is going to be a fun and satisfying read for you, Darling Readers (after all, that’s why I actually do this).

A second pass to clear up a nagging plot inconsistency, further enbiggen the romance angle (heh), and deep the catharsis with Stakes Most Terrifying, and I’ll send the thing off to Stunt Cate (BETA reader extraordinaire), act on her notes, then return it Editor Awesome for more Awesome Editing ™.

So that’s the State of the Empire, dear readers and fellow Word Wranglers. How did your February go? Looking forward to spring?


2 thoughts on “Author Watch: Wibbly-Wobbly and Timey-Wimey

  1. Ryan King says:

    Time lords. I swear. Maybe the Doctor was doing The Time Warp and was playing around with a MiB neurolizer, thinking it looked like a sonic screwdriver. Then- Geronimo! February was gone. Poof. *shrugs* Sorry to hear that work took a dive into crazy land. I hope things get better but good job on the WIP.

    1. catemorgan says:

      Thanks, as always, for encouragement Ryan! If all goes well I may end up getting my life, time, and face back next week. Silly Time Lords. Stop Time-warping and poking things with that damned screwdriver just to see what happens.

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