Author Watch: Of Plot Bunnies and Wabbit Holes

spearhelmet Greetings, fellow Word Monkeys!

Where to begin?


*shuffles notes*

*clears throat*

Well, I suppose we should start with the State of the Empire, as it stands today:

  • Keepers #2: We’re still in revision status here, although I did get notes back from the eagle-eyed Stunt Monkey–or, rather, one BIG note what needs addressing. So my three-day Easter weekend was spent in re-profiling my hero so he can be better known to my readers (More of this to come in my monthly #IWSG post on Wednesday). All other notes have been addressed and crossed off the list. One more pass to incorporate new info and give it a final polish, and off to Editor Awesome it goes. YAY.
  • Keepers #3: In rough draft status. Revisions on Keepers #2 is giving it plenty of time to marinate in its own creative juices (ew), so once I have signed a contract on 2 (hopefully), I’ll return to 3 with the Red Pen of Death.
  • Waking Muse #1: I’m getting to know my characters. My heroine, who has yet to acquire a first name I can live with, is otherwise pretty solid at this point. Predictably, my hero has proven more elusive. I’ve come to accept and curse the fact this is one of my weaknesses as a writer. Must write harder, better, stronger than ever before. *game face*
  • Big Dang Projeckt: I’ve joined the April session of Camp NaNoWriMo, wherein my goal for the month is to get Act I (approximately 30k words) back into fighting trim. I have my cast, my plot milestones, a bomb shelter, and enough coffee to last me for the month.

March saw some great books accost my TBR pile. Some standouts:

  • The Replacement and The Space Between by Brenna Yovanoff. Devastating, stunning prose and magnificently damaged characters. Like Tahrareh Mafi’s Shatter Me,  this is the soul-rending writing I’m attempting achieve. Blew me away. Yovanoff is now on my must-read without worrying what the book is about list.
  • Speaking of the superlative Tahrareh Mafi, I read her interim novella Destroy Me, told from the antagonist’s POV, and Unravel Me, the official sequel to Shatter Me. Both were very good, though Unravel Me was definitely a “middle book”. Without Juliette’s voice in the unique prose that made Shatter Me so effective, I felt the pacing a bit slow and I was missing a little something special that was being filled by a little too much teenage angst for my liking, but otherwise the conflict and searing heat level were beautifully done.
  • Gail Carriger is another of those authors whose books I immediately order without worrying what the dang-blasted book is about. I ripped through her Etiquette&Espionage toot-sweet and had a roaring good time–one that reminds me of visiting Pratechett’s Discworld. Other than one teeny-weeny speed bump in regards to a character action that didn’t quite make sense, it was delightful joyride in a purloined airship–with pirates.

And because all writing must have beginning, middle, and end:

My Netflix addiction knows no bounds. In March, I watched/studied:

  • House of Cards: Does the awesome that is Kevin Spacey have any limits? I don’t think so. I love sympathetic, evil bad guys and Majority Whip Francis Underwood is right up there with my favorites. I don’t enjoy “evil for evil’s sake” as a rule, but Francis brings out the maniacal evil laff in me. This show is also an example of unexpected twists and turns–as a wide reader and an author, I can generally see the signs of a twist coming, but House of Cards got me more than once.
  • Mad Men Season 5: There is nothing about this show I do not love. Flawed characters, thematic and complex storytelling at its best, gorgeous set and costume design. Also, Christina Hendricks is officially my hero and I’d tune in just to see what the saucy, bombshell redhead is wearing. Luckily this show is so much more than that.
  • Weeds Season 8: A wild and wonderful ending to the series (let’s hear it for redemption after the travesty that was Season 6 due to production issues), and highly satisfying. Andy finally found his cajones, which was great, but I found it difficult to see future-Shane in fake mustache and still not see murderous fifteen-year-old Shane in a bad mustache. I’m glad Silas finally found peace.

How about you guys? Did you enjoy your Easter? How’s the reading/watching/writing coming along? Any good goals for April?


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