WIP It Good–Blogfest, That Is!

If’n you’re a child of the 80s, like I am, you may or may not remember the band Devo, known for a certain one hit wonder and funny Leggo hats. No one was quite sure what the song actually meant, mind, but we were fairly certain it was something dirty. This was the 80s, remember–no one really knew if music was meant to be dirty or ironic, unless it was coming from Madonna, or the Purple One who later became the Ass-Chapped One, then the Symbol, and then…oh, Hells Benighted Bells. Who can keep score thirty years later?

Whoa, wait…what? THIRTY YEARS?!


*dives for cover*

So, in honor of WIP-ing It Good, both in the ironic and musical sense (and not at all dirty, unless you swing that way), myself and numerous writerly campadres have bravely gone forth where Leggo hats have confused and disturbed audiences before and joined the WIP It Good Blogfest. Think of it as a writer-reader classifieds: we have Writers Seeking Critique Partners from other writers, as well as BETA readers for full manuscripts. Interested in joining or participating in either of these roles? Come festivate with us! (Yes, I totally made that word up. Imma writer. It’s whut I do, yo. I AM IN YOUR LEXICON, FESTIVATING ALL OVER THE PLACE.)


Click on the WIP-badge above for details.

The prompts, as they stand:

WIP Title: The Minstrel’s Daughter (aka Big Dang Projeckt)

Word Count (projected/actual so far): 90K projected/16K so far. June is going to be my Big Push to finish Act One.

Genre: Fantasy

How long have you been working on it?: Off and on for an overly long while, due to another (now published) project that spawned a series. Yes, exactly like Gremlins. Be ye warned. Also, in recent times there was a full-on technological apocalypse of our home network that wiped out All The Words and All The Research. So, yeah. Ready to get this story written, because once it is t’will be All The Awesome. I love it that much.

Elevator Pitch (if you came across an agent in an elevator ride, what couple of lines would you use to summarize your book): It’s Jericho in a fantasy setting–small town faces big, destructive odds and just might survive.

Brief Synopsis (250 words or less): Fallen knight James returns to his hometown seeking a fresh start, only to have to have his mistakes follow him and threaten everything and everyone he seeks to protect. When the surrounding countryside is destroyed by a mysterious, devastating new weapon he finds himself an unlikely leader, but then an old enemy is revealed as the power behind the threat. Only one woman stands between the traitor Victor Moran and the power he seeks. Survival depends upon her keeping him from it, and James risking everything to stop him.

Are you looking for a Critique Partner?: Yes–chapter for chapter, for preference. Getting a team of a few fantasy authors together would ideal. 

Are you looking for a Beta Reader?: Not yet–I want to get this puppy finished and outta my overcrowded noggin.


24 thoughts on “WIP It Good–Blogfest, That Is!

    1. catemorgan says:

      Thanks, DL–nice to know the pitch might actually work if I have cause to trap…er, encounter in an elevator one day. Nothing like a captive audience! 😀

    1. catemorgan says:

      Thanks for the encouragement, PK! I learned so many storytelling techiques watching Jericho–the masterful use of subtext, pacing, and the ekeing out of backstory for best effect. Not to mention the fantastic 1-2 punches of external conflict/internal conflict.

  1. Crystal Collier says:

    Cool beans. My hubby loved Jericho, and I liked it. I’m curious about some of the specifics in your brief synopsis and wouldn’t mind a few more details, but this sounds great!

    1. catemorgan says:

      That was the quick “non-query” version, Crystal–there’s a longer, more detailed version I’m attempting to query-fy. I loved Jericho, too–it was all about the characters and their interations/reactions. Good decisions, bad decisions, devastating consequences, and a few hard-won victories.

      Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Dianne Salerni says:

    No, please. DON’T tell me it’s been 30 years. I REALLY don’t want to hear that!!!

    Best of luck on this project. It sounds like it’s already had to leap over some obstacles to get ont your writing schedule!

    1. catemorgan says:

      Scary, innit? Remember stirrup pants? *shudder*

      Today is Day 1 of of forging ahead back into Big Dang Projeckt territory. I feel like Katniss facing the Hunger Games for the second time. *game face*

    1. catemorgan says:

      Aw, I loved Jake! It was Emily who drove me to rage-planning a novel. Not the actress’s fault, it was in the writing, which was otherwise superb. But I did learn quite a lot about effective storytelling from the show, so I’ll take all that good with that little bit o’ bad. We all have our blindspots as writers.

  3. Hunter says:

    Another child of the 80’s, with Devo’s tune now niggling my day, thanks. Small town, outside devastation, and there’s a minstrel with a daughter. Interesting premise.

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