Author Watch: July 2013–Updates, and Other Shenanigans (#ROW80)

completelydifferent And now…for something completely different.

So I was planning something  completely different for July’s Author Watch post. I mean, there was news and EVERYTHING. There is still News, mind you, however I’m not allowed to share it yet. So I sit here like a boiling pot, in danger of exploding all over the Internetz. Because by the time I get the green light to share said news…well, it’s going to be violent and messy. Like, Gallagher messy. Sorry.

So. Ummmmmm….. *twiddles thumbs* *crickets*

Oh, hey–I know! How about some Goals, and Other Updates As Well:

ROW80LogocopyToday is Day One/Official Goals Day for Round 3 of A Round of Words in 80 Days–a writing community of encouragment and support. (If you’re one of my many, lovely non-Word-Wrangling readers, feel free to skip this bit.)

My goal is pretty straightforward, mainly because it worked so well in June: 1,000 words/day. This will put me in line to writing around 30K per month–that’s an entire novella or 1/3 of a novel. Sweet!

Here’s the best part: Every word I write over my daily alottment goes into a “Word Pool”. When that Word Pool accumulates 1,000 words I get a day off! W00T! Of course, it works the other way, too–if I miss my goal, the difference comes out of my word pool.

It worked really well, you guys–I broke 30K on Big Dang Projeckt–which means I’ve completed Act I! YAY!! (I’ll update my word count and status for my sidebar later tonight.) Word count and status updated!

Warning Production Schedule Update

A couple of things here–I’ve posted my production schedule for 2013 on its own page for your convenience. Of course, this is subject to change at almost any moment, but for now that’s what the rest of 2013 looks like for me. I can’t believe the year is already half over!

This month the drafting part of my production will be concentrated on a rough draft for Waking Muse #1, tentatively titled Lady Tennant, after the Stradivarius violin. After watching The Red Violin I was inspired to write a love story surrounding one of the named Strads, so that’s my next story–completely different from my Keepers of the Flame series. What can I say–I like to keep things lively!

Speaking of Keepers of the Flame, my revisions this month will be focused on Book 3 now that Book 2 is *mmph mmph gurgle koff mmph*. Once revised, deconstructed, and reconstructed with infinitely more elegance than currently displayed, I’ll send it out to Beta Reader Extraordinaire, Stunt Cate (the prettier, wiser, smarter me). A lot of writers don’t like the revision process, but I LOVE it. I get to engage the evil, logical portion of my brain that likes to build things stronger, faster, better than before and craft something really special.

muchado2Much Ado About Something

Speaking of things really special, the Tech Monkey and I found Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing in the wild (which wasn’t easy), and enjoyed it immensely. Most of you know j’adore Joss Whedon and Shakespeare in equal measure, so the experience for me was nothing less than a little less than two hours of SQUEE and GLEE and all things ending in EEE!!!

So beautifully crafted and acted, y’all, and totally approachable for mainstream audiences. The ninja slapstick had me in stitches, as did Nathan Fillion’s Dogberry. Sean Maher was downright creepy as Don John, and played the limited-time role to a turn, Fran Kranz turned in a wonderfully naive Claudio, and Clark Gregg was superlative as Leonato. There was a lot of layered conflict in here, well worth studying on its own merits beyond sheer enjoyment.

It also served as a reminder, thanks to the Tech Monkey’s presence, that anything a Word Wrangler presents for a paying public has, at the end of the day, got to ENTERTAIN. Unless, perhaps, if you’re creating for the sole benefit of other Word Wranglers. (And even then, as a Word Wrangler, I still want to be entertained, even if I’m simultaneously appreciating the crafty elements, which only enhances the experience for me).

So that’s the news, as it stands. There will be more, epic news later this month, at which point I’ll hand out hazmat suits for the more squeamish. Happy July everyone!!


6 thoughts on “Author Watch: July 2013–Updates, and Other Shenanigans (#ROW80)

  1. Emily Witt says:

    I love the idea of a word pool! I might have to steal that!

    I am still mighty jealous of everyone who has seen the Whedon Much Ado. My cinema only did one screening and it sold out before I could get onto it. Though I did recenty download the RSC version wit David Tennant and Catherine Tate, so at least I have that to tide me over.

    1. catemorgan says:

      Whoa, wait, what? There’s a Tennant/Tate Much Ado? o.O I knew there was a Tennant/Patrick Stewart Hamlet, but not a Tennant Much Ado. *squeesplode*

      Finding it in our area was nothing short of an epic quest–luckily the local Hobbitses proved helpful.

      Thanks for stopping in, Emily!

  2. Elizabeth Anne Mitchell says:

    Simple, straightforward goal, Cate, and I love the Wordpool idea, too. Mine is a kiddie pool, but hey, whatever works, right?

    As I am a bit behind in my sponsor visits *coughs guiltily*, I know about your big surprise, which is so very cool. I scarpered off to obtain the surprise as quick as my fingers could get there!

    Have a great Round, and all the best on your new projects. 🙂

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