ANNOUNCED: Brighid’s Mark (Epic FLAIL Warning) (#ROW80)

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NUMFAR! Do the Dance of Joy!

Thank you, Numfar.

This is a BIG, BIG RELIEF because Keepers #3 has been simmering away for some time. It would have sucked mightily, y’all, to have Keepers #3 completed, and not have a contract in place for Keepers #2. Thank goodness for Editor Awesome, and Publisher Amazing, not to mention the much-smarter and infinitely better-looking Stunt Cate, BETA-reader extraordinaire. Here are the deets:

Title: BRIGHID’S MARK (Keepers of the Flame #2)

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Apocalyptic (with romantic elements)

Setting: New Orleans

Length/Format: Novella, e-Book only (all electronic formats)

Publish Date: April 29, 2014

Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.

Synopsis (author version):

Callie Trevelyan, Keeper of the Flame, has a reputation as a highly effective demon hunter. So it comes as no surprise when one of her teammates calls in an SOS from New Orleans–city awash in tourists, floodwaters, and Voodoo (not to mention rum). What does come as a surprise is the news that her mentor has been murdered.

Liam Byrne isn’t certain how, exactly, he ended up in the Crescent City two or so centuries ago with mysterious markings on his arm and chest. But in the city he stayed, protecting people against its myriad supernatural threats and answering the occasional summons of the Loa. When he witnesses Eva’s murder at the hands of a Greater Demon, even Baron Saturday can’t prepare him for Callie and Company descending upon his city and taking over his life.

What Callie doesn’t understand–beyond the fact that Liam is Marked, like her, as a champion–is why Eva died at all. Keepers of the Flame aren’t so easy to kill, after all, and Callie has the scars to prove it. Their hunt for the demon and the truth behind Eva’s missing soul leads them on a Crossroads journey leading to Otherworld politics, betrayals, and, eventually, each other.

But the Demon, servant of Lillith, patiently awaits Callie’s arrival on the field of battle. Callie is ready and willing–there’s just one problem: Brighid’s Flame, the source of her power, is every bit as missing as Eva’s soul. And as the full truth unfolds, Callie knows she’s in for the fight of her life.

If she’s lucky, winning will cost her everything. If she’s not, then she’ll sacrifice it all only to lose it all–Liam, the city itself, and possibly all of humanity in the End of Days.

They’ve only got one chance, and everyone’s rolling the dice.

Product Warnings: Contains demons (Great and small), a kick-ass heroine who doesn’t bother with names, broody demon hunters, no small amount of sexual tension, tricksy Loa, rum, Vodoo, Crossroads bargains, vengeance, betrayal, and the first signs of the apocalypse.

What’s Next for Brighid’s Mark:

This is one of my favorite parts of the process, second only to the writing itself. With the electronic ink drying on the contract, all official-like, it’s time to begin the production process. Which means:

  • Production packets for Publisher Amazing: “Jacket” copy (basically the Publisher’s version of the above synopsis), all the necessary marketing and publicity information about the story, the series, cover art ideas (YAY!), author bio, etc.
  • Content Edits (for overall content, made by Acquiring Editor, aka Editor Awesome)
  • Line Edits (for continuity, made by Line Editor, aka Editor Eagle-Eye)
  • Copy Edits (for formatting, made by Copy Editor, aka Editor Diligent)
  • Aforementioned Cover Art (YAY!!)
  • ARC Glory (and yes, there WILL be a chance to obtain review copies in .pdf/.epub)
  • And More! To Come! SOON!!
  • Did I mention COVER ART?! YAY!!!

ROW80LogocopyWhat This Means For My Production Schedule:

June saw the completion of Big Dang Projeckt–Act One (Rough Draft). FINALLY. That being said, I’ve much to contend with in July. To whit:

  • IN PRODUCTION (Exhibit A): Keepers #2. This is my first priority–which also entails keeping you, dear readers and fellow Word Wranglers, up to speed on the process.
  • Drafting (Exhibit B): Rough Draft of Waking Muse #1. I don’t know if this series will end up being placed with Samhain, but I surely hope so. I fully intend to keep sending them my madcap scribblings until they cry Uncle. Yanno, like that kid in The Christmas Story who ended up doing porn. 😀 ANYWAY my goal on this is 1K words a day, with time off for good behavior. As of yesterday, I’ve finished writing Chapter One long hand.
  • In Revision (Exhibit C): Keepers #3.

My revised (again) 2013 Production Schedule is  published on its own page for your convenience. *hugs*

Me, but more awesome, because it’s Jeremy Renner

5 thoughts on “ANNOUNCED: Brighid’s Mark (Epic FLAIL Warning) (#ROW80)

  1. Lisa says:

    Congratulations, Cate! That’s wonderful news!! It sounds like you’re going to be busy getting Brighid’s Mark out there in the world over the next while, but it’s going to be fun. 🙂

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