Author’s Log: To Sleep, Perchance To Dream (#ROW80)


Y’all, I haven’t been to bed before midnight for at least a week. I’m cross-eyed. I’m drooling. I’m bumping into walls, the same walls, repeatedly. The Ninja Katz scatter in my wake in furry self-defense.

I feel like I need to slow down a little, especially since Evil Day Jobbe is picking up quite a bit, and I’m losing a team member at the end of July. But this draft of Waking Muse #1 is in no mood to pay attention to my manic stomping of the break peddle. It’s like trying to stop the Space Shuttle on a dime mid-launch.

Some stories happen that way. There are the ones that move along easy enough, at that nice balance between drafting and resting, at the pace of about a scene per day. Then there are the ones that struggle like a hamstringed Gollum after His Precious (of which I do a GREAT impression, btw, just ask my co-workers) that make it in fits and starts, not to mention blood, sweat, and vodka-tinged tears. This happened with Keepers #3, and explains why the rough draft is such a hot mess.

But some stories write themselves. Nay, they don’t want to stop being written. Waking Muse #1 is like that. Just when I think I’m about to have a problem figuring out What Happens Next, it goes and Happens on me when I’m not looking, all bright-worded and bushy-charactered. I’ve reached the point where I really wish it would let me sleep, because it haunts my dreams. Act I got drafted in a week. So did most of Act II. Y’all, that’s THREE chapters a week for a novella. I don’t evn know how many words I’ve logged at this point, because they’re all longhand on dog-eared legal pads

Unholy Wow, Batman!

Am I complaining? Not really. But I may need a heftier seatbelt, and there’s smoke coming out of my pen. Probably not a good thing.

ROW80Logocopy Production Schedule (& ROW80):

IN PRODUCTION: Keepers #2. No updates this week, although I did get hit between the eyes with an Epic Epiphany at 3:00 am one night this past week (which did nothing for my lack of sleep, as you can imagine). I ran it past Editor Awesome, who likes the idea, so now I’m waiting to hear back from Team Legal Eagle as regard to contract stipulations. Look, Ma–I’m a writer-entrepenuer now!

DRAFTING: Waking Muse #1. I officially have a negative amount of wordage in my Word Pool at this moment, but that’s not for lack of production, lemme tell you. I’m writing in longhand before putting the words into my computer and logging them into my spreadsheet. I took a few days off at the beginning of the month to figure out some R&D stuff, so that’s affected my Word Pool, but I’m happy with the level of outpout, both the quantity and the quality. I won’t know what I’ve got until I get to The End, but for now I’m good. I feel…strangely calm. It helps to know Keepers #1 wasn’t just a fluke, that I’m in this for the long haul. This is turning into a career, slowly but surely.

REVISIONS: Keepers #3. Due to the Madcap Drafting that is Waking Muse #1, I haven’t come anywhere near revisions on Keepers #3, but I anticipated getting to these at somepoint during the last week of the month. I don’t see myself submitting by August 1 as I originally intended, but that’s okay–sometime in August, for definite, if only to give Stunt Cate the time she needs for her usual eagle-eyed read through. Leave no manuscript behind!



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