Author’s Log: Public Service Announcement (& #ROW80)

I will be attending the Tampa Bay Comic Con on August 24-25 (it starts on the 23rd, a Friday, but I won’t be able to get out of Evil Day Jobbe for the day–boo!!). Not an as Official Author Event (HA!! I am in no way cool enough for Officially Sanctioned Author Appearances yet). This is just for the sake of having fun in my non-authorly, real-life personae and being a public menace. If you’re  attending as well and feel like poking the Monkey with a stick, feel free to drop me a line and we can coordinate a totally random run-in.

With all the kerfluffle these days in the genre world in regards to reports of harassment at cons, I feel it incumbent to promise anyone else attending that if I see harassment or bullying or any kind of uncool behavior taking place, I will transform into a miniature version of She-Hulk and make the perpetrator a very miserable human being, indeed. I have two responses to such behavior:

  • The Wil Wheaton Response requires that people don’t be dicks. Therefore, if you are a dick, I will endeavor to make you feel like one.
  • The Firefly Response comes from the immortal words of Captain Mal Reynolds: “If someone tries to kill you, you try to kill them right back.” Well, if I see you treating someone in a way that pisses me off I will piss you off right back. It’s only appropriate.

I have been fortunate that I’ve never personally experienced harassment or bullying at a con because I’ve been with my husband and/or a large and intimidating group of people that resembles an extras cattle call for Sons of Anarchy. However, I have been harassed and bullied in other areas of my life, and my response is always one of the two listed above. Nor will I stand by while it happens to someone else.

In other con news, I plan to attend the Self-Publishing panel on Sunday the 25th in preparation for a Sooper Sekrit Projeckt I JUST got the okay from Team Legal Eagle to pursue. Suffice to say it’s my way of saying THANK YOU, but will take much in the way of research before I can make any kind of headway. More to come soon! *evil laff*

ROW80LogocopyProduction Schedule (&ROW80):

Brighid’s Mark (ANNOUNCED): No updates as of yet other than getting the official okey-dokey on aforementioned Sooper Sekrit Projeckt, which is directly related to Keepers of the Flame. I did, however, get my official copy of my signed contract, which I will print and file when I have a mo.

Waking Muse #1 (Drafting): The Word Pool is working incredibly well. I have SO MANY WORDS in long hand (filled one legal pad, am now well into a second), but I don’t have an official word count to update yet–I’ve been so busy with the scribble scribble that I haven’t yet gotten to the typeity typeity. I can tell you I’ve reached Plot Point 2 and recently completed an absolutely devastating scene that wrung all the emotional energy out of me. *whew*

Keepers #3 (revisions): It’s a good job Waking Muse #1 is going so well, because these revisions are some of the most torturous I’ve ever encountered. I’m glad I gave this one plenty of room to breathe, however, because perspective makes all the difference in the world, lemme tell ya. It’s not that I don’t know how to fix the train wreck–I’m very clear on most of the Big Problems–but it’s a lot a work and at the moment I’m feeling a mite resentful for anything that takes me away from drafting. I know it’ll be good once I get there, it’s the getting there that’s proving challenging. I should be able to finish muscling through this weekend, more or less on schedule.

Your turn to weigh in! Going to any cons this year? Already been? Sounds off in the comments.


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