Author Watch: August 2013 (& #ROW80)

Warning Here am I, splayed across the floor in a Dead Man’s Sprawl. Bring on the white chalk and crime scene tape. Why, do you ask (as you step over me on the way to the fridge)?

Over the course of this week I was struck by not one–but TWO–epiphanies. And they affect not one, but–you guessed it–two projects.


Don’t get me wrong–I love a good epiphany as much as the next word wrangler–but they do tend to mean a lot of extra work. And two…well, now I know the meaning of the term “embarrassment of riches”.

Epiphany #1 occurred whilst working on revisions of Keepers #3. I reached Midpoint (yay!) when I realized my Big Revelation would be ever more effective if the threat were established much earlier on as a central conflict in the first half. Then I could turn really turn everything on its ear. The idea of an Underground society was already there, but I realized it needed to be front and center. So now back to the beginning, without waiting for Vecini, as I have now located my Man In Black. Now to have fun storming the castle.

Epiphany #2 nailed me between the eyes while drafting Act III of Waking Muse #1. There I was, making with the scribble-scribble, writer’s cap firmly in Genius Burns position, when BAM! It occurred to me that for the sweet romance I was going for there was way too much death happening. She’s dead, this other person’s dead, that guy’s dying…etc. So instead of a dead mum for my protagonist, I’m bringing her back instead as a mum who deserted her family some years back to pursue her career as a concert violinist. This way I can raise the stakes exponentially in Act III and really bring down the house. Each plot point has to be a turning of the screws if this quieter work is going to, well, work.


Production Schedule (#ROW80):

Brighid’s Mark (in production): No new updates, I’m afraid. I’m still researching Shiny, New Mid-level idea, but I don’t expect to hear from Editor Awesome for awhile since Keepers #2 won’t be released into the wild for quite a while, so I should, theoretically, have time to line up some other stuff in the interim.

Waking Muse #1 (drafting): Charging ahead with Act III before I go back and rewrite/revise based on the ramifications that is Epiphany #2. Then I can trunk this puppy for awhile before official revisions. This puts me past my original production goal, but I should have a finished, relatively clean, first draft within the week. YAY!!

Keepers #3 (in revision): Going back to fix Act I and first half of Act II as dictated by Epiphany #1. Then to go all Beautiful Mind on Act III, which I’m almost afraid to look at, since I know that’s where the train wreck took place. It’s probably a lot less worse than I anticipate (hey, it might even be GOOD), I know there’s still work to be done. I’d like to have a draft in the Stunt Monkey’s hands by next weekend.

What this means for my schedule is that this weekend and next, as well as the evenings in between, are going to be spent in an informal Writer’s Retreat of One (or possibly Three, including Ninja Katz). But I anticipate being able to wrap up July in a nice red bow by the end. As long as Fate doesn’t conspire to thwart me (dodges lightning bolts)!


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