Author Watch: September 2013 (& #ROW80)

spearhelmetIn Which The Future Is Upon Us

Well, August was a whirlwind of activity, and no mistake! I finished three revision passes on Keepers #3. I made headway on Big Dang Projeckt, though I did not finish ACT II as I anticipated. I completed my rough draft of Waking Muse #1, and though it didn’t reach as many overall as I anticipated, I still have a respectable novella in Ye Olde Scribblings Trunk, where it will percolate until it’s time for revisions. I’m still working on getting my handwritten wordage into the computer. I also attended Tampa Bay Comic Con, where I attended Hugh Howey’s panel on self-publishing.

After Comic Con, Life Happened. The Tech Monkey was sitting in traffic, totally stopped, when he got rear-ended. Not just tapped, but full-on HULK SMASH! Fortunately the guy admitted full fault to his insurance company, so the good news is they’re taking care of most of everything. The bad news is, the car that was hit was our primary vehicle, and we have no idea what’s going to happen with that. It’s not worth much, Blue Book-wise, even though we’ve sunk money into it over the last few years. The rims alone are worth more than the car, not to mention the new shocks. We have a secondary vehicle, but it’s an antique and therefore not an every day car because it’s a pain in the boot to drive.

The rental company gave us a Prius, which is very strange. It’s like traveling in a shuttle craft. It’s very spacious, and futuristic, with a full computerized console, like a computer. Seriously, you start it up by pushing a “Power” button, just like on your computer at home. You don’t start it up, you boot it up. The shifter is a joy stick. You level up in miles and it has a health bar. Any Klingons come along and we’re toast, as it we apparently didn’t get the model with the cloaking device feature. After Tampa Bay Comic Con, where vendors swiped our card on their phones and tablets and we had to sign off with our fingers (no sytlus? really?), we began to wonder when we’d been in the Tardis and why we didn’t remember. And if the Doctor was David Tennant and I missed it…well, Klingons will have nothing on my fury.

So, all in all, it’s been a bit of a Time Warp lately. Or Wibbly-wobbly and timey-wimey, if you prefer.  🙂


Production Schedule (& ROW80):

BRIGHID’S MARK(in production):  Keepers #2 is still, er, keeping. I’m enjoying the respite before I have to drop EVERYTHING and to into Super Revision Mode. I know from experience that I won’t be able to do anything but rewrite and revise once that happens. So I have to get as much drafting done as possible until then.


MINSTREL’S DAUGHTER(drafting): 41% complete–woohoo! I should finish Pinch Point 1 this coming week, if my pacing holds up. It also means I’m a little bloated on word count at this point (Pinch Point 1 should hit at the 37.5% mark), but that’ll get trimmed in revisions. I’ve hit upon referring to Big Bad as The Butcher of Ingenkell, who my heroes are beginning to put the clues together on. But the real and true, Big Reveal won’t come along until Midpoint. Also their small town is now awash in refugees, providing concealment for my Assassinette (Assassinina?).


KEEPERS #3(in BETA):  I still feel like this one is a huge, hairy mess akin to a Wookie pileup, that I drafted it too fast to keep it clean. Honestly, I feel like I pushed too hard and ended up choking. I know it can be so much better, but at the moment it feels stilted and like I’m trying too hard. And readers will be the first to notice dishonest writing. I need to dial down my protagonist’s obsession with her guardian’s approval and make the romantic conflict more believable. I have a three day weekend this weekend, so I’m going to get my drafting done early and then hit the books on this one. Hard.

How about you guys? Ever tried so hard on something you ended up choking?



2 thoughts on “Author Watch: September 2013 (& #ROW80)

  1. alberta says:

    having sim. problems with WIP – editing is proving slow and painful because it is a mess – story good writing not:( never fear we will prevail 🙂 all the best with coming week

  2. Shah Wharton says:

    I giggled more than once reading this – thanks! 🙂

    Oh about the choking – my debut stemmed form a short story in many rash panster-type-gallops of writing sprints–all unplotted and unplanned (because I never knew about all that!)… took a lot of CHOKING to make anything worth reading out of it. I’m trying to do book two with the benefit of hindsight. 😀

    Best of luck with the Prius and the WIP work. X

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