Author’s Log: This Is Writing

Warning Um, so I haven’t gotten to drive my new/old car yet. The Tech Monkey likes it. Really really likes it. And while it’s nice to be get dropped off and picked up at Evil Day Jobbe every day, I’d kinda like to get behind the wheel of this bad boy. (Yes, I’m a girl. Yes, I like to drive fast cars. Moreover, I can handle fast cars. You can thank my dad for that.) I’m really curious to see how a geniune European sports car handles, as opposed to a sports coupe model (my last car) or a “muscle car” (the car before that, which was disguised as a Mustang but was made of plastic rather than steel). Plus, yanno, convertible.

**UPDATE** Got drive the new/old car today. Can I just say: Wheeeeeeeeee!!! 😀 The breaks are waaaaaay sensitive–every gentle nudge is a potential for whiplash. It turns tight, and has quite the pickup. Also, despite the close proximity of the interior, it’s got a long reach for the pedal, meaning my knees are pretty much mashed against the console. Can’t wait to put the top down!

On the writing front, there has been mucho progress. Enough for it to become clear that Big Dang Projeckt is going to be longer than the original 90K I had slated. This last part of the week I’ve been literally clocking in close to a chapter a day. I’ve marked multiple scenes off my list, redeemed my hero a bit, assassinated a minor annoyance in a key move and thus upped the stakes as a consequence, and twisted the complications up a notch for my hero’s brother, which is going to make my hero’s life just that little bit more unpleasant. After all, he can’t be redeemed without a price, right? *rubs hands together evilly* Also, I furthered my romantic plot arc between hero, titualar character, and his childhood sweetheart nicely. It’s not a romantic triangle (so overdone these days, especially if it’s not done well), just a complication in regards to my hero’s internal conflict. After all, he’s a good guy at heart–he just has awful, awful luck sometimes.

Poor bastard. Who’s responsible for this travesty? Oh, wait–that would be me. *grins*

Keepers #3 is FINALLY starting to gel. The way I see it now is my rough draft (and third, and fourth, to be honest) were just blue prints at this point. Taking everything apart into its component bits and reassembling it with an eye to simple, elegant craftmanship is helping quite a lot. I’m seeing where it went skewed, and I’m fixing it. A final polish next week, and off to the Stunt Monkey (BETA reader extraordinaire) it goes. A final tinkering after that, and off to Editor Awesome it goes. Better late than never, I say. *whew*

Also beginning next week I get to turn my authorly eye toward Sooper Sekrit Projeckt #1. Hint: It has to do with Keepers of the Flame. I wish I could tell you more (really, seriously bursting at the seams here), but I want it to be a SURPRISE. Suffice to say I’m meaning it as a big, fat THANK YOU to all my readers and fellow writer monkeys. I’m really excited about this project.

Lots to do, lots to do.

biggerboatProduction Schedule

BRIGHID’S MARK (In Production): Still quiet, with seven months to go. I have a feeling that somewhere within the six-month mark I’m going to be hearing something, but I’m going to check in with Editor Awesome next week anyway. Dying to see cover art, second only to the book release itself, probably. But I must be patient, and occupy myself with other scribblings. *mmph*

THE MINSTREL’S DAUGHTER (Drafting): Crashed through the 50K barrier like the Kool-Aid Man through a brick wall. Woo-hoo! Midpoint, here we come! Feeling slightly wild-eyed and drooly, as I usually do when the writing flies right out of my brain and directly onto the page. I feel like that scene in Princess Bride: “I’ve got my wedding to plan, my wife to murder, and Gilder to blame for it. I’m swamped.” Well, I’ve got civil unrest to incite, refugees to blame for it, and a Big Bad to reveal. I’m swamped. But loving every moment–this is my favorite part of drafting, honestly. I’ve reached the point where I can’t be doing anything else but writing full-bore for a certain milestone and I’m running on pure adrenaline. This. THIS is writing.

KEEPERS #3 (Revisions): When I come down off the high of drafting Big Dang Projeckt, it’s nice to switch gears and start working with my hands. Which is what I’m actually doing with Keepers #3. Pulling it all apart like a broken clock, seeing what’s working and what isn’t, putting it all back together again in the right order so things actually work smoothly. What a concept. Besides, there’s something methodical and logical about using highlighters and flags and hard copy that’s really working for revisions on this piece.  I feel like I’m building something with my hands–like art. Or a beautiful, yet functional table. First there’s the well-balanced construction, then there’s the sanding and varnishing, followed by a copious amount of polishing. Suddenly the most difficult revisions of my career thus far is becoming almost therapeutic. Who knew? It just goes to show you need to find the right way for you when it comes to these things.

So having a happy, happy week. How are you guys doing?


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