Author Watch: October 2013 (Quickie)

typeitytypeity Just a quick Production Schedule Update, since I’ve got a longer post coming for the monthly Insecure Writers Support Group post tomorrow:

BRIGHID’S MARK (In Production): Touched base with Editor Awesome earlier this week, when she got back from conference. It seems all is well in Production Land–at least, she didnt’ scream at me in horror that I’ve missed deadlines while her back was turned. 🙂 But I feel deadlines looming almost any moment, since we’re reaching the six month mark, so I must get crackity-cracking on my drafting.

MINSTREL’S DAUGHTER (Drafting): The goal this month is to complete ACT II, Part 2 (Post Midpoint). This should be fun, since when I left off I revealed my Big Bad AND his True Identity in one fell swoop. This means I’ve got not one, but three characters heading for severe tailspin trauma. Poor Protagonist–and he was just beginning to relax a bit, too. 😉

KEEPERS #3 (In BETA): Still under the beady eye of the Stunt Monkey–I did let Editor Awesome know a nearly-there draft was in BETA, and I hoped to submit to her soon. No banshee shrieks of protest, so I think we’re good thus far. Looking forward to getting this one tagged and bagged once and for all, considering the trouble it gave me.

SOOPER SEKRIT PROJECKT #1 (In Development): Ah, the great adventure. I’m still in the planning stages this week, and hope to start drafting over the weekend, probably on Sunday. I have Big Plans, of course, but this is an entirely new endeavor for me so I have no idea how it’s going to play out. I’d like to have this bad boy polished and ready to go on October 31st.

completelydifferent In Other News & Upates:

At the end of this month the Tech Monkey and I get to celebrate our 11th Wedding Anniversary–YAY! This means we’re going be leaving the Ninja Katz to their own devices for a couple of days while we skive off to Universal Orlando for some Harry Potter, Emeril, Hard Rock, and Blue Man Group. We didn’t get to celebrate much for our 10-year, what with one thing and another, so we’re going to doubly make up for it this year by staying at a hoity-toity hotel. Also, we’ll be driving, so that means putting the top down on Zoomy and catching some velocity–whee!!

Also, in the New Year I’m looking at possibly adding a new feature to this blog on a monthly or bi-monthly basis with the help of the Tech Monkey. Tech Monkey was a chef and restauranteur-monkey in his misspent youth, and his domain, when not in the Man Cave exploring this whole Evolution thing, happens to be the kitchen. So, yes–Shiny New Feature will involve food! Food, and books–what could be better?

What? Add wine? Okay, I think we might be able to work something out… *conspires*


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