Author’s Log: Series News, Cover Art Update, & #ROW80 (Oh My)

completelydifferentIn lieu of yet another round of block text regarding the whackadoodle way my writer brain works, this week I actually have honest-to-goodness News. This News also poses as insight into the publishing process, which I think most readers and aspriring authors want in an authorial-type blog anyway. So here am I, giving you nuggets of Insight into what makes a book an actual Book, for real and true.

It begins with an email from Editor Awesome, who, as we have previously established, is verily awesome. First, the News.

The Lovely and Intrepid Kanaxa is currently working on the cover art for Brighid’s Mark. YAY!

Kanaxa, besides being a tremendous artist who I admire muchly, was the cover artist behind Brighid’s Cross (Keepers of the Flame #1), as well as the print anthology End of Days where Keepers #1 appeared. So the fact that she’s still my first and ever cover artist thrills me to little bits and pieces. She is especially talented with, but is certainly not limited to, gritty cover art of hero shots. Needless to say, I’m excited to see what she’s up to for Keepers #2.

(BTW, if you’re interested, for a limited time she’s accepting freelance projects, so be sure to check out her gallery.)


Which brings me to the Insight with a capital Sight. Kanaxa emailed Editor Awesome because she was concerned about reader confusion. Brighid’s Cross is listed at Samhain as “End of Days #1 for a series name, because it’s the first novella in the anthology. The series title is even in the cover art for Brighid’s Cross, as you can see.

Naturally, Editor Awesome is also concerned. Do we go with “Keepers of the Flame”, as I originally intended, or do we keep “End of Days”? While my writerly heart wubs “Keepers of the Flame,” it wubs its readers even more, so…

We keep End of Days. So even though this is going to be Book 4 in this series, it’s only the second book of the Keepers of the Flame chronicles. Therefore (ahem):

KEEPERS OF THE FLAME is now hereby re-christianed, minus the champagne because I drank it all in the making of this decision (from the bottle with a crazy straw), END OF DAYS. HUZZAH!

As an interesting aside, Kanaxa is not only using the forms I previously completed for Publisher Amazing, which includes my version of the jacket copy (aka the query/cover letter blurb of approximately 250 words), but she’s using my 2-3 page synopsis as well. This is why it’s so danged important to master the art of querying and synopsizing–this stuff gets used beyond the initial query you write if you accept an agent and/or publishing contract.

Thus we have publishing, and insight, and cover art (soon). And there was much dancing about the streets, but only by me, until it’s painfully awkward. Quick, everyone–DO THE ELAINE!


1. Brighid’s Mark (In Production): Series name change and cover art in process. We have progress! (See, what’d I tell ya–six months out from Unleashing.)

2. Minstrel’s Daughter (Drafting): I’m very carefully tip-toeing my way through a chain of events and ramifications for the next four chapters so I can sure to average 1,000 words/session. The pacing and domino effect have to be spot on to the beginning of Act III so absolutely everything is in place for the Big Boom. Once I have my scene list the last four chapters of Act II should move pretty quickly. Also: Got two critiques in to the Online Writing Workshop, and two more in the pipeline. *Quest Completed*

Also, it turns out I am dork of the species dorkus maximus. While I do indeedy have four chapters to Act III, I do not have four chapters until Plot Point 2. Completely miscalculated there, for which I apologize. (Please don’t take my geek cred.) So it seems I have some time until the fight for my hero’s hometown.

3. Sooper Sekrit Projeckt #1 (R&D): I’m filling my story notebook at a rapid rate, coming up will all sorts of material I can use for my first draft. I’m also referring muchly to a certain Projeckt That Came Before so I don’t impugn continuity, and am sure to answer any questions asked in said PTCB that went unanswered due to word count limitations, etc. I’ve got a fairly clear picture of what the story’s going to be, but I need to have my ducks all in a neat little row. *UPDATE* I’m all set to begin drafting this week! Squee!

Also, still scratching my head as to how to handle cover art, but I think I have a simple, effective idea that just might work.

4. End of Days #5 (In BETA): AKA Keepers #3: No news yet–still with the Stunt Monkey. Will be touching base at some point soon, cuz I’m all impatient like that.

Your turn–how’s your October going so far?


3 thoughts on “Author’s Log: Series News, Cover Art Update, & #ROW80 (Oh My)

  1. nancyrae4 says:

    Working on chapter two of my second novel. I’m going slowly, describing the two main characters and setting the stage for the POV character. It took me a while, some trail and error, but I decided to use first person POV. First person can be limiting, but it adds such immediacy to the story it works for this book.

    Unlike you, I’m far from the cover art process!

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