Author’s Log: Series Updates (& #ROW80)

typeitytypeityHoly wow, y’all. How did it get to be November already?! And we’re a week in! Where did the time go?

There’s something about autumn and winter that makes me want to write. Really, really write.  The season comes late to Florida, but as soon as the weather cools and the rain comes, suddenly all my writerly senses become narrowly focused and you can’t see for the smoke wafting from my keyboard as the heat generated causes keys to pop off, one by one, like popcorn kernels.

I don’t know what it is about this time of year that connects with some internal chemistry on my part, because I read a lot during this time of year, too. There’s something about snuggling up with the written word that brings music to my heart and peace to my soul. It feels like this is exactly what I should be doing, and as a result my productivity tends to go through the roof.

Quick! To The Update-Mobile!

ROW80LogocopyProduction Schedule (& ROW80):

BRIGHID’S MARK (In Production): I finally got to see the preliminary cover art, and OMG Y’ALL—it turned out fuh-mazing! Kanaxa did a stupendous job. I can’t wait for the final approval to come through so I can share it with you. *tries not to explode*

Also this week, I received Round 1 of edits and my editorial letter from Editor Awesome, which are due on November 20. Apparently, I need more world-building whilst avoiding info-dump, and while she loves the lyricism of my prose, she fears this can occassionally lead to vagueness. I love being thought of as lyrical, not so much on the vague. This is a weakness I’ll need to work on. Also, there seems to be a few lingering POV snafus–also something I need to work on. (Hey, better a snafu than a FUBAR*, right? I live in fear, as I’m sure many of you do, of the dread FUBAR.)

KEEPERS ORIGINS #1 (Drafting/In Revision): Working on finalizing this companion piece, and I have to say the story’s come together nicely. Characters from Brighid’s Cross are introduced, and there are even one or two revelations that I didn’t think of the first time around, which should add resonance to Keepers #1, as well as answer some questions.  I’m really close on this, you guys, and I’m looking forward to unleashing it out into the world.

KEEPERS #3 (In Revision): Got my notes back from the Stunt Monkey, and she loved it—YAY! It turns out my fears regarding over-world building, the romance arc, and the ending were apparently unfounded. Editor Awesome may have her own concerns, but for now I’m going to look over the one scene the Stunt Monkey had questions on, and give the manuscript a final polish before working up a query blurb and synopsis.  I should be able to submit this to Editor Awesome by Nov 30, once I get it into the best shape it can be.

Once I finish Round 1 Edits on Brighid’s Mark, I can then apply those same editorial notes to Keepers #3 so Editor Awesome doesn’t have to repeat herself. For example, Editor Awesome’s “Needs more world-building” notes on Keepers #2 are consistent with the Stunt Monkey’s “wants to know more” comment on Keepers #3.

Are you guys participating in NANO? How’s it going?

*F—ed Up Beyond All Redemption


4 thoughts on “Author’s Log: Series Updates (& #ROW80)

    1. catemorgan says:

      This editorial round is much more labor intensive for this book compared to Keepers #1-and I love it! It’s really showing where my weaknesses are, so I know what to improve.

      Good luck with the word-wrangling this week, Anne!

  1. Kathrese McKee says:

    Everyone should have a Stunt Monkey and an Editor Awesome. And you should dub Kanaxa with a super hero name, although, come to think of it, that’s a pretty cool moniker.

    Write on and keep the fire extinguisher handy.

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