Because Thanksgiving, And Reasons Thereof

0038crhc Ah, yes. ‘Tis that especially special time of year, when one hacks the head from an otherwise blameless, flightless bird that sounds as stupid as it looks–to then get up at an ridiculously early hour in order to roast the ever-lovin’ stuffing of said poultry version of Jar-Jar Binks.

In other words it’s THANKSGIVING! YAY!

There are a multitude of things I’m thankful for. Granted, I tend to wake up each morning the sun brings with some amount of gratitude in my heart, because I’m lucky. Incredibly so. Things could have turned out so much differently for me, y’all, had I made different choices or taken advantage of different opportunities. So out of the multitude, here are my greatest hits:

  1. My Husband. This never changes, nor does it ever dip below the #1 spot. Not only does he do all the Thanksgiving head-whackery and subsequent cookery, he does almost ALL the cooking in the household. He is also my greatest, fiercest advocate and works really hard–juggling job and school–so ensure the brightness of our future together. He is very Teh Awesome in the Cranberry Sauce. Also, my in-laws? Let’s just say the hubs doesn’t fall far from the Awesome Tree.
  2. Writing. Granted, I’m not doing this for a living quite yet, but I’m getting there. I’m grateful I get to do this, not so much for the money (though this is pretty cool, too), but that I get to do it all. Beyond talent I’ve gotten to develop my craft well enough to be published, and to see my stories enter the world with professional cover art and editing through an amazing, supportive publisher. I have the tools and community that I need to do this, which not everyone has. There was a point, not so long ago, that all I had was a pad of paper and a pen and an empty apartment. Now I have the tools of my trade and, yanno, people. *waves*
  3. Readers. The bestest part of this writing gig is the satisfaction I’m not playing to the black empty. I love my readers. You’re exactly why I do this. (Well, that, and to get the #$%^! voices to shut the heck up.) But 98.9% readers. YAY!
  4. Not-So-Evil Day Job. There have been a lot of (positive) changes on this front. I’m fortunate I get to work at an ethical, conscious company with copious resources. I get to do something I’m good at, and to get paid for it. This means I can afford the tools of my writing craft, I’m not at the mercy of soulless, psychic vampires, and to appreciated for all the work I do. For example, I was recently promoted to a level appropiate for the work I actually do, rathen than the work I was getting paid for. Yes, this job has its moments–more often than not–as well as its share of incomprehensible office politics and pyshic vampirism, but with the changes we had this year I’m more or less out of that particular special level of hell. I’m lucky that I have an advocate I work closely with on a daily basis, because I’m almost certain she had a significant influence on my recent change of fortune in this respect. Also, my new boss simply lets me carry on and actually do what I do best–i.e., my job. (Crazy talk, I know.)
  5. Stories. Beyond writing my own stories, I get to surround myself with stories of all media–books, movies, TV and, of course, music. I get to surround myself with storytelling of all genres and calibers, and I feel so fortunate–and fuzzy happy–when I come across something really, really good. This year I discovered Kresley Cole, Brenna Yovanoff, Lindsey Sterling, The Book Thief–just to name a few. Gail Carriger’s latest installment of the Soulless manga, for example, had me alternatly squeeing and hugging it to my chest like the Abominable Snowman with George.

Okay, your turn guys–what are you thankful for? Family and friends? Deep-fried turkey? The decided lack of Jar-Jar Binks in your geekery? Sound off in the comments! 🙂


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