Author’s Log: Happy Birthday Edition (#KeepersOrigins)

GossamerBugs First of all, let me wish a BIG HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY to the Tech Monkey! 40 is the new 30, honey, I SWEAR.

As many of you other end-of-year birthday beasties are aware, when your birthday is right around Christmas, you tend to get seriously ripped off with “combined” gifts and no (or, possibly worse, half-assed) birthday parties. I found out when we first met the Tech Monkey had never had a birthday party like his older sister, and his Christmas presents were also his Birthday presents.

I mean, I love my in-laws to death, but really?

So every year I take it upon myself to get him his very own birthday presents, and proceed to cook up a birthday feast to his liking, since he does 98% of the cooking year ’round, and puts up with my dietary restrictions with aplomb. So despite his birthday falling smack between Christmas and New Years’, I throw myself into a Tech Monkey Birthday Extravaganza (TM) of verily epic proportions. On Thursday I ran The Amazing Race: Grocery Edition to pick up all the necessarily makings of said Extravaganza, phone app with list in one hand, cart in the other, careening wildly around aisles on two rickety wheels and running down small children and little old ladies.

Yesterday, I constructed (with architectural precision) a Lasagna, with a capital AAAAAH! I also rolled meatballs, and today as you’re reading this it’s all going in the oven to be served with Bruschetta and Spinach Salad with Lemon Vinagrette. I shall post pictures on the Facebook when all is in readiness for birthday consumption.

As it happens, the Tech Monkey now shares a birthday with something OTHER than the holiday season:


Aika Lareto’s life comes apart at the seams during one fatal trip to London. Instead of a romantic weekend away with her fiancé just as his career as a photojournalist comes together, chaos and destruction ends all their dreams. Suddenly everything she thought she knew turns to smoke.

And there’s a lot of smoke these days, as London is systematically destroyed in what is becoming known as the Second Blitz.

Then a mysterious old man reveals she’s a Keeper of the Flame, a champion destined to fight for humanity in the coming apocalypse. Aika isn’t interested; what she wants is for her life to go back to normal. When she can’t get out of London, joining the city militia seems the next best thing.

It’s there The Agent finds her, and recruits her into Dreamtech–would-be government conglomerate with a plan to save the city. The question is, are they saving it from war–or for themselves?

When Aika discovers the truth, she has a decision to make: embrace her destiny, or disappear.

That’s right–Aika from BRIGHID’S CROSS (Keepers of the Flame #1) is now ready to share her origin story–for FREE! This “short” story turned out to be more of a novelette of about 13K. I hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Find it wherever fine eBooks are sold–Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes, and more–including directly at Smashwords.

I’m thrilled to be bringing this story to you at long last–Aika helped me get published the first time, in the End of Days anthology at Samhain Publishing, and writing her origin story helped me answer all the questions left open in BRIGHID’S CROSS due to space constraints and my own fumbling as a first time author. This is also my way of saying THANK YOU to my readers and followers.

So Happy Birthday to the Tech Monkey to and Keepers of the Flame: Origins #1!


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