Epic FLAIL Warning: Three Awesome Things (#ROW80)

Taking my queue from our fearless, intrepid leader Kait Nolan, I’m doing a special post of Three Awesome Things, because this week the Awesome ovefloweth. Ready? Set! AWESOME!!

kumfar AWESOME #1:

 Keepers of the Flame: Origins# 1 has broken 100 downloads on Smashwords–AND it just got approved for Smashwords’ premium catalogue, so it it should be available for free download across multiple platforms/sites soon. 100 may not sound like a lot to you guys, but it was better than I expected, considering it’s only been out a couple of weeks and it was only available via Smashwords. I really didn’t know what to expect, what with all the noise out there in the indie/self-pub world, and so its modest but steady climb has got me doing a Tigger Bounce all over the place. NUMFAR! DO THE DANCE OF JOY!!

kermit AWESOME #2:

My rough draft of Big Dang Projeckt (aka The Minstrel’s Daughter) is complete! Clocking in at 99K words, it’s finally done! DING DONG THE DRAFT IS DEAD! DEAD, I TELL YOU!! BHWA-HA-HA-HA-HAAAAAA!!!

*crazy eyes*


*falls over*

This is especially awesome, because I had a horrible drafting day on Saturday due to lack of sleep. But then I got a good night’s sleep, and on Sunday, settled in for the day’s words at 9:00 am on the spot, determined to spend the day getting as close as possible to the end. I ended up booking 6.5K words and (with breaks) typing THE END at around 7:30 pm. Woo-hoo!


0f7f5-tumblr_m6p5j34cx21qlq2jj Out of curiosity while trying to see if Keepers: Origins #1 was available at online vendors yet (it’s not) I discovered on Ye Olde Amazon that BRIGHID’S MARK (Keepers of the Flame #2) is NOW AVAILABLE FOR KINDLE PRE-ORDER!

I can’t believe it’s out in the wild already! I mean, we’ve got over three months for release! I don’t even have ARCs yet. 🙂

Naturally this means I’m going to have to think up a free gift for those who go for the Pre-Order (not just for Kindle, but anywhere). This doesn’t mean that if you want a free ARC from me you can’t have one–far from it. Just drop me a line. But, if you DO pre-order, also let me know, and I’ll add you to YET ANOTHER LIST.

I’m beginning to feel like Santa here. I DO have lists, and I AM checking them twice. 😀 😀 😀

Considering it’s only a couple of days into the week yet, I shudder to think what other Awesome might be coming down pike. (Oh, who am I kidding–I AM TOTALLY READY FOR MORE AWESOME.)

Gee, I guess I should get to working faster on Keepers: Origins #2, huh? 😉


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