Author’s Log: Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming (& #ROW80)

POWIn other words, after my last post of completely surprising Awesome Overload, I’m determined to not rest on my laurels and keep the momentum going. Even though I’m not scheduled for anymore drafting this month, I want to make sure I hit the ground running in February, which means stamina training  and clearing the decks now.

So for the rest of January I am focused on revisions on Keepers #3 and developing Keepers #4 as well as Keepers: Origins #2.

Quickly! To the Goalmobile!

Production Schedule (& ROW80):

BRIGHID’S MARK (In Production): We’re still in the final stages of production, as I’m awaiting the arrival of my ARC. It is, however, already up for Pre-Order on Amazon! Remember, if you want an ARC (Advance Review Copy) OR you end up pre-ordering Brighid’s Mark, please let me know at cstcross [at] gmail [dot] com.

KEEPERS #3 (In Revision): This week I’m polishing specifically for content. Next, it’s another round strictly for POV, as this was my big, bad Issue (with a capital “Ish!”) from Keepers #2. I should have this into Editor Awesome’s hands by the end of the month.

KEEPERS #4 (In Development): I plotted my way through Keepers #4 fairly quickly, considering I only had a few images and ideas in mind for a couple of scenes. It’s funny, but it seems I’ve now been writing long enough that I no longer need charts, graphs and flashing arrows for outlining plot structure on shorter works–it’s such a habit with me now that I’m automatically thinking in terms of structure. This doesn’t mean I am now pantsing my way though–far from it!–but I can now spend less time plotting elaborate time lines and more time developing other factors once I get a bullet point summary outline down on paper. My outlines includes dialogue snippets I don’t want to miss using, and character background and tidbits.

For instance, I’ve decided that my protagonist (Keeper of the Flame Tess Daniels) has a penchant for whiskey and cigars. And that her romantic interest, Jack Riley, thinks this is totally hot. She also wears cowboy boots and flirts to keep her secrets secret. She drives a beat up army jeep with no doors and does her own, Keeper version of an exorcism.

I also just received The Positive Trait Thesaurus AND The Negative Trait Thesaurus by Angela Ackerman and Becca Pugilisi in the mail, so I’m looking forward to utilizing these guides since The Emotion Thesaurus has been such a boon to my bookshelf.

KEEPERS: ORIGINS #2 (In Development): I decided when I was putting together Keepers #2 that I wanted Callie to have had a past set in the Jazz Age of Chicago, and this is one of the reasons she’s naturally drawn to somewhere like New Orleans in her psyche. I wanted her to be flapper or what was known as a “Bright Young Thing”. But more research is needed at this juncture. For instance, while “Bright Young Thing” was a term used in England in the Twenties, would such a term have been used stateside? Where were all the hip cats going to obtain prohibition alcohol and an education in jazz in Chicago? What were the other historical events of the time? So I’ll be watching The Cotton Club a lot, a documentary of the prohibition era I found on Netflix, and digging into the geography and era before getting to drafting in March.

Okay, your turn–what are you up to this week? And what are your favorite writing references?



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