Author’s Log: More Notes From The Lab (& #ROW80)

bugshiding *Pokes head up*

*Sees shadow*



Dammit. Six more weeks of drafting.

I’ve been busy, busy, busy this week, between working a crap ton extra hours at the Day Jobbe (most of which were non-productive, which is typical when testing system migrations but DRIVES ME CRAZY–I hate not being productive!!) and pushing my way toward Plot Point 2 with Keepers #4.

In other news, Keepers: Origins #1 got new, jazzed up Cover Art since I was able to find the same font Cover Artist Supereme Kanaxa uses for Keepers of the Flame. I seriously considered hiring her for the companion series, but for novelettes it hardly seemed worth the expense, and I really wanted to do it myself. I’ll keep Kanaxa on hand for larger projects. I’ve also updated Origins #1 from perma-free to $0.99 and added a coupon for my loyal readers (hello, readers!), as I still want to reward them. The coupon code and updated cover art is on my landing page (Books!)

I also direct downloaded Origins #1 to Amazon and Kobo, since Smashwords just wasn’t getting the job done in a timely fashion. But never fear–Smashwords should still have the necessary formats for you still to get it free. If not, send me your email address and I’ll send you a copy directly. If you’re not sure whether or not you’ll enjoy it, then you can always download a free sample.

There’s a couple of reasons I decided on the $0.99 price point, at least temporarily. The first is mainly for experimentation–I’m still working out the details of my indie setup, so there’s going to be some fluctuation as I continue to learn about this side of the business. I’m kind if curious to see if I maintain my download rate moving from free to paid. It’ll be interesting to see if I’m actually hooking people to buy or if I’m collecting free junkies. There’s nothing wrong with either of these groups, I’m just curious and this information will help inform any changes I make to my business model. Basically, I’m trying to identify my audience.

The second reason is that I’m hoping to get enough buys to fund a new website–an actual website, rather than a blog-made-website. If I’m going to grow the business side of my, er, BUSINESS (heh), then I need work clothes to go out into the world in. I found a third party theme I really like over at Elegant Themes, but this is going to necessitate third party hosting and moving everything over to (rather than the self-hosted I’m also thinking of coming up with an imprint name for my self-pubbed works, just to keep things tidy and professional. So Origins Funnel=website hosting and maintenance bucket in the current equation.

I’m not looking to make a ton of money from this title (or even series of titles), but I need to build a foundation that’s going to support my proposed business model.

So there’s that.

On To The Goals!

ROW80LogocopyProduction Schedule (& ROW80):

KEEPERS #3 (On Submission): No updates yet–it’ll be awhile until I hear. The motto of this business should really be “hurry up and wait!”. 🙂

KEEPERS #4 (Drafting): I’m right on top with Plot Point 2, wherein our brave heroine turns herself over to the bad guys to save her town, and Captain Riley has to lead a posse to go and bring her back–not to mention confront is former mentor. I get to write a sexy scene in a hayloft (one I’ve been looking forward to), and then I can further look forward to some BDE (Big Dang Explosions). Hey, this IS an action story!

KEEPERS: ORIGINS #2 (In Development): This is going well enough that I now have the shadows and reflections of the impending story. This week I’ll start filling it in and come up with a plot structure so drafting can begin on time next month.

So far, so good–I’ve managed to stay on schedule. How about you guys? How goes the word smithing?


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