Author’s Log: The Quick And The Dirty (& #ROW80)

Warning So I’m within inches of finished a rough draft of Keepers #4 (YAY). I’m literally on top of one of a couple of last plot points, and in the home stretch reaching for the climax. I took a little time from the Day Jobbe to finish it, and then proceeded to jinx myself by pushing myself so dang hard I was too exhausted to follow through. So I should be done by the end of this week.

It’s definitely a rough draft. I’m going to let it sit and marinate in its own juices for while before going back and cleaning it up in the next pass. The world-building needs expanding on, the romance angle isn’t quite complicated enough, and the prose lacks my normal lyricism, so that will have to be deepened. Right now it reads more like an action movie and not much else. But it’s okay–I know I can fix it. I think, in the end, it’ll read a lot less verbose than the past Keepers books, which can only be a good thing.

I did, however, manage to plot out the next fantasy novel on my docket, which I’m calling Searcher. I’m due to begin drafting Act One in April, so now that’s ready to go. I couldn’t be completely unproductive during my time off. Me? Rest? Crazy talk! o.O

In regards to Origins #1, there’s been a definite drop off in downloads since I moved it from Perma-free on Smashwords. I’ll monitor it the rest of the month, but I may be moving it back to Perma-free, which is near impossible on Amazon. Basically, I have to get everyone I know to price match it against Nook, Kobo, and Smashwords.

Downloading direct to Apple, I’ve found, is a HUGE pain in the ass. First, I had to establish an iTunes account.  Then I had to establish ANOTHER, Apple Producers account. And get approval. And request contracts. This part of the process has taken a couple of unnecessary weeks where every other dashboard I’ve established were a matter of minutes. It looks to be Apple making it way too difficult just to prove how different they are. Even FINDING my books means having to Google the title and author name on iBooks to locate them. It hardly seems worth the effort, so I may scrap the entire thing. It’s not as if people don’t have they’re preferred eReader apps on the iPads, right? And it’s not as though I’d be using iTunes or Apple for anything else. After this experience, I’m not likely to. *snarls*

I also ended up uploading all my current flash fiction to Wattpad as an added avenue.

ROW80LogocopyProduction Schedule (& #ROW80)

BRIGHID’S MARK (In Production): Keepers #2 is finally up with an excerpt on my publisher! Not for pre-order there yet, but if you’re a Samhain reader, you can add it to your wish list. You can check it out here. The ARC should be arriving soon.

KEEPERS #4 (Drafting): I’m in the final 10% of the story, so I should be able to clear that up at some point this week. This draft went fast, but it’s extremely raw. Definitely not one of my cleaner first drafts–but I can make it work.

ORIGINS #2: (In Development): I’m finishing up my first proofs of the cover art, and I’m got a fair sense of the story. It’s the historical research that’s slowing me down (I’m a sucker for research), but I’m still well within my Production Schedule for this.  I’m actually a little ahead of the game on this one, and I still have plenty of time to draft this short. If all goes well, it should take me a couple of weekends to get through.

How did your goals go this week Word Wranglers? What has your experience with Apple been as a consumer or indie author?



6 thoughts on “Author’s Log: The Quick And The Dirty (& #ROW80)

  1. nancyrae4 says:

    Goals? Well, I’m stuck tottering on the edge of the dreaded middle of my first draft. My goal this week is reassess, regroup, and forge ahead.
    Apple? I can only comment as a consumer. I own an iPod and you don’t want to know what I’ve been through to re-establish my pass word and reconnect to iTunes. At work, where I help maintain fifty classroom iMacs, it isn’t much better. Apple sacrifices its customers and users on the altar of its mystical computer reputation. I know a lot of folks swear by Macs, but I swear at them:)

    1. catemorgan says:

      Ah, that tricksy middle! The key, I think, to a sagging middle is to remember that Everything Changes–then it’s a climb to Act III and a race to the end.

      Good luck, Nancy!

  2. Nicole says:

    Re Apple, I love their products. Never tried to use them to sell anything, though.

    Here’s hoping for a great week! Maybe you’l have your draft finished by this time next week. Best of luck!

  3. stephseclecticinterests says:

    Your productivity is inspirational. Way to go!
    I used an Apple computer when I worked in the church office, but that is my only experience. It doesn’t sound as if everything is as user-friendly as advertised.
    At any rate, all the best.

    1. catemorgan says:

      I can’t speak to the Apple products themselves, Steph, but I’m certainly not impressed with the whole iTunes experinece thus far.

      Thanks for stopping in!

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