Author’s Log: March Madness (& #ROW80)

Warning *skids wildly out of drafting mode*


Aaaaaaaand we’re DONE with Keepers #4! W00T!!

*falls over*

How many fingers are you holding up? Twelve. No? How close am I? Oh. Well, shoot.

*passes out*

I’ve got a lot to contend with this month, with my Production Schedule ramping up. Whoever came up with the term “March Madness” was entirely accurate, to be sure.

With Keepers #4 now in the Pending Revision queue, I have to turn my attention to writing and publishing Origins #2 with (preferably) a month’s worth of lead time for the release of Brighid’s Mark, since Origins #2 is Callie’s story. I really got into the research I did on Jazz Age Chicago, so I’m looking forward to writing in that era.

On March 16 I’ve got an article coming out at Mythic Scribes on the basics of self-publishing.

Beginning this week I get start revising and work-shopping ACT I of The Minstrel’s Daughter (formerly Big Dang Projeckt). This means I need to do catch up on critiques over at the Online Writing Workshop for Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror.

I also need to finish prepping my new fantasy novel project, Searcher, for drafting ACT I next month. I’ve got a decent plot outline done, but I need flesh out some of the world-building aspects, and come up with a few character names yet. I also need an Official Plot Incline for my White Board of Novelling ™.

I’m also going to make a valiant attempt to drafting some flash fiction at some point, even if I have to shoe horn it in during one of my lunch time writing sessions once Origins #2 is complete. In other news, Origins #1 is back to being on perma-free everywhere except on Amazon, which has to be price-matched by vigorous and unrelenting request. I don’t consider my experiment in to 0.99-ness a failure–far from it. Now I’ve identified who’s a reader, and who were enticed enough by my blurb and cover enough to give a it a try for free. I now have valuable information that perma-free is working well as an entrance point to my Keepers of the Flame funnel. In answer to this, I’m going to start adding chapter to Wattpad in weekly installments. I’ve also uploaded all my existing flash fiction, and well as the excerpt to Brighid’s Mark.

Last (but certainly not least), I need to start planning my launch campaign for Brighid’s Mark in April. Whoo! (And whew! as well.)

ROW80LogocopyProduction Schedule (& ROW80):

ORIGINS #2 (Drafting): Cover art is complete but not finalized until I’ve put it away for awhile and come back to it for a polish. I hope to reveal it soon. I need to have the story finished and revised by March 22nd to remain on schedule.

THE MINSTREL’S DAUGHTER (In Revision): I begin ACT revisions this week–Chapters 1-9. My plan is to log pertinent feedback from my workshop critiques into my Scrivener file in the “Notes” section for each chapter to inform my revisions for the rest of my manuscript. I want to have all nine chapters revised by March 29.

SEARCHER (In Development): I’ve started a Scrivener file for this one, and have an outline of story beats ready to go. I’m really loving the characters for this one, and can’t wait to get started drafting next month once I feel I have all the knowledge I need about the world building to make it happen. This needs to be finished by March 31.

BRIGHID’S MARK (In Production): As soon as my ARC arrives I can start sending out review copies. I also need to decide on what I’m going to do on Facebook, Twitter, and here on my blog. All this needs to be scheduled by March 31.

How about you guys? How do (or would) you launch a book? Are you experiencing March Madness yet?


2 thoughts on “Author’s Log: March Madness (& #ROW80)

  1. alberta says:

    the thing about March madness is that it affects the (mad March) hare and there’s an animal who stands up on his hind legs and fights for what he wants in March. So, go girl go and conquer all this month:)

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