What Makes You A True Fan?

0f7f5-tumblr_m6p5j34cx21qlq2jj In my journey in persuit of hybrid authorship, I’ve been contemplating the idea surrounding fandom.

It’s no secret I’m a geek. I *squeesplode* over each new Joss Whedon offering. I once won a rather lucrative bet by finding all the goofs in the classic Star Wars saga (including the mythical “flying Nike” in Return of the Jedi, and the ever-elusive reference to “Carrie” that Luke makes at the end of A New Hope instead of “Leia”). I’ve gone cross-eyed and drooled over more than one online RPG, or devoured entire series of books without chewing.

In other words, I know what makes ME a fan–but what about you guys. What is it about your favorite storytelling or creator that resonates so effectively with you that you become a “True Fan”? Is it a combination of factors, or is it just something so magical it can’t be defined, something that points to all the planets and stars being in the right alignment?

I really want to know. So let me know in the comments what makes your Fandom Freak Flag fly!


One thought on “What Makes You A True Fan?

  1. Emily Witt says:

    Hmm, that is a very good question. I think for me it’s when I get (probably unhealthily) emotionally invested in the characters, and the earlier that happens, the bigger the fan I am likely to be. I have certain character types that I am a sucker for, so I can usually forewarn myself that this is likely to happen.

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