COVER ART REVEAL: Callie (#origins2)

I’m really super-excited to finally unleash the cover art for Keepers of the Flame: Origins #2! Callie the heroine of BRIGHID’S MARK, Keepers of the Flame #2, and she’s become one of my favorite characters that I’ve written.

Callie began, many moons ago, as a completely different character. Actually, most of the characters of BRIGHID’S MARK had a different story to tell, with slightly different roles to play. Now, however, they’ve found their place and I’m thrilled to be bringing them to you now.


The New Orleans of Keepers #2 is also much different, a New Orleans of the near future that is now permanently flooded and more or less openly occupied by their cultural pantheon. But Callie became a Keeper of the Flame during the Jazz Age in Chicago and the New Orleans she visits for the first time in 1933 is something else altogether.

In Origins 2 you’ll see how Callie met her remarkable mentor for the first time—the mentor whose murder brings Callie back to New Orleans to investigate. You’ll see how she became a healer, as well as a warrior. You’ll also see why she has such a bone to pick with Greater Demons, and why she’s so reluctant to trust. It’s a hundred years, give or take, between Origins #2 and BRIGHID’S MARK, and the world has become a dramatically different place in the meantime.

Callie has been worn by all she’s seen and done, but—I think—it makes her shine all the brighter.

I’m planning on releasing Origins #2 through Smashwords, Amazon and Kobo on 3/29. It will be free, except for on Amazon (because getting it Price Matched on Amazon is a huge pain). The Clan of Kindle (Kindlers?) can pick up the free Kindle version on Smashwords.

BRIGHID’S MARK (Keepers of the Flame #2) will be released from Samhain Publishing to online retailers on April 29, 2014, and is currently available for Pre-Order at your favorite vendor of choice.


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