Author’s Log: And The Plates Spin On (& #ROW80)

Warning So I’ve got a little more than two weeks left before the released of Brighid’s Mark (Keepers of the Flame #2), and boy are my arms tired! *whew*

This week I got a new weekly planner/monthly planner for goal-oriented individuals (who, me? Goals? Noooo…) a la Franklin Covey, only WAAAAAAAY cheaper and less cumbersome. It’s from a place called Tools4Wisdom. It isn’t quite what I need, but close enough to make quality whiskey (um, I mean BOOKS, we’re a Bookshop here, nothing here but us books, REALLY) on a regular basis, so for the price I’ll take it.


I got rid of a couple of pages from my site, and added a couple of new ones, since you guys seem to be creamy, yummy mixture of readers as well as writers (and sometimes both, like chocolate/vanilla swirl ice cream with sprinkles). So, appropriately, I added a “For Readers” page that looks at my available and forthcoming series with deeper detail than the blurbs on my home page. In addiiton, I’ve added “For Writers”, with resources and links for my fellow scribes. I’ll add to both pages as applicable and, as always, feed you guys a steady diet of updates.

Speaking of goals, and books, and not whiskey AT ALL, let’s see how my quest log’s looking as of Saturday, 4/12:

ROW80LogocopyProduction Schedule (& ROW80):

Draft SEARCHER–ACT I (30,000 words) On Target
Current Status: 10,176 words
Next step: Hit 19,000 words by 4/19

I’m really liking where this story is going so far. The world-building is coming along rather well, I think, and I’ve got my two main characters planning a valiant escape attempt and a nice, twisted black well of snakes called “polictical intrigue” going. The fact I’ve devoured the second season of House of Cards does not bode well for my good guys, let me tell you. My story goal is to get Ana and Owain from a secret cabin on an island in the middle of a lake to the northern, snow-bound hunting lodge of Owain’s cousin–through a blizzard.

Revise Waking Muse #1  On Target
Current Status: Chapters 1-3 revised
Next step: Revise Chapters 4-6

I haven’t looked at this novella in a really long time, and so far I’m quite pleased with how clean the opening chapters are as far as rough drafts go–it reads much closer to a second draft rather than a first. There’s been some cleanup as far as clarity is concerned, but so far, so good.

However, given how messy the characters’ lives are–especially Tamsin’s–I know the draft is about to get messier, because there came a point where I was writing hot and deep enough to scar, and not paying attention to much else. I’m concerned Tamsin’s life might be overly difficult and complicated, but we’ll see how revisions go this week.

Revise and workshop The Minstrel’s Daughter–ACT I In Progress

This one’s taking me a little longer than anticipated to shove through the revision mill (ever have a Play Dough Food Factory as a kid? Yeah, it’s kind of like that). I’m going to step it up a notch over the next few weeks though.

I’m getting some great feedback so far from my fellow Workshoppers on OWW (The Online Writing Workshop for Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror). This means there’s going to be A LOT of work involved. I’ve learned that, among other things, I’m overwriting somewhat in an effort to paint a vivid, sensory picture for my readers. I do this a lot, and I usually manage to edit this out.

R&D on Waking Muse #2 In Progress

I didn’t much done on this over the past week, to be honest. But I’m kind of cheating a little in that, since Waking Muse #2 will star a chef, and thus I’m going to the Tech Monkey for assistance. See, the Tech Monkey used to own a fine dining restaurant and jazz club (think The Cotton Club) on one of the old Capone smuggling runs in Wisconsin. So he’s going to share some of his favorite meals from his old menu, so I can–get this–INCLUDE THE RECIPES IN THE BACK OF THE BOOK.


I know, right?! So unbelievably excited to do this!

However, the onus is still on me to build fully realized characters, a believable setting, and a story structure so I can begin drafting next month. If you have any stories of living or travelling in Montreal, leave your impressions in the comments or email me–I’d love to hear from you!

Draw up marketing plan for BRIGHID’S MARK (Keepers of the Flame #2) On Target

I’ve got some Facebook and Twitter stuff going on at the moment, but really need to ramp up now. I’ve got a post coming up at Samhain’s romance blog about how the unique history of New Orleans translates to a near-future, apocalyptic landscape.

On the 15th I’ll be announcing not one, but THREE giveaways, so stay tuned for more news.

Post installments of Origins #2 at least 3x/week at Wattpad to gear up for BRIGHID’S MARK release. On Target

Current Status: Chapters 1-3 posted
Next Step: Post Chapters 4-6

According to my current posting schedule Origins #2 (Callie’s origin story) will be complete on Wattpad a few days before Brighid’s Mark‘s release–so a reader could potentially go straight from her origin story to her main story within a matter of days, if you’re keeping score.

See you next week–same Keeper time, same Keeper channel!



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