BIG DANG GIVEAWAY: Win An ARC of BRIGHID’S MARK (#Keepers2 #giveaway)

Hey, that rhymed!

I know, I know…get to the free book stuff already. Still–rhyme! YAY! (I am easily amused, obviously.)

Anyhoo, I’m happy to announce that anyone–and I do mean ANYONE who does any of the following and cops to it beginning Tuesday, April 15 (today) and ending Monday, April 28 will  get a free ARC of Brighid’s Mark (Keepers of the Flame #2). Link backs can be posted in the comments or emailed to me directly for verification at cstcross [at] gmail [dot] com.

PLEASE NOTE: All ARCs will be in .pdf format.


Giveaway #1: Review Giveaway

Review (honestly) any of my available books or stories (including Flash Fiction!) at your favorite book place or online nest and link back to said review for verification.

Giveaway #2: Big Easy Giveaway

(a) Are you from, a fan of, or ever visited New Orleans? Live there now? Have a favorite book, movie, or TV show that takes place there? What was (or is) your favorite part about the Crescent City? Share your best experience or a favorite picture/thing at your favorite online place, link back here. Bonus points (i.e. bragging rights) for getting Jackson Square in the mix!

(b) New Orleans is famous for its food and rum drinks (among other things). Share your favorite recipe(s) at your online space and, of course, link back. I might even make a few and share the pictures! (Mmmm….rum….)

Giveaway #3: Recruit A Keeper Giveaway

This one is super-easy. If you don’t already subscribe to this blog via email, or follow me on Facebook or Twitter (or even Google+), do so and I’ll follow the notification trail to ask you how I can best get the ARC to you. If you already follow me by your preferred method but you boost the signal for this giveaway to your own social circle of awesome, let me know via link, PM, or email.

I’d love to give away tons of copies of Brighid’s Mark, so don’t be shy–the ARC will be in electronic format so it’s not as though I have a limited supply!


One chance for survival, and everyone’s rolling the dice. Even the gods.

Keepers of the Flame, Book 2


Callie Trevelyan, Keeper of the Flame, has a reputation as a highly effective demon hunter. So the SOS from New Orleans isn’t a surprise. What is? The news her mentor has been murdered. Keepers are nearly impossible to kill—Callie has the scars to prove it. An even bigger surprise: her partner in the hunt for the murderer is Marked, like her, as a champion.


In two centuries of protecting Crescent City from supernatural threats and answering the occasional summons of the Loa, Liam Byrne thought he’d seen everything—until Callie and her entourage take over his life. Their hunt for the demonic killer leads them on a Crossroads journey to betrayals, Otherworld intrigue and, eventually, each other.


But the Demon patiently awaits Callie’s arrival on the battlefield. Callie is ready and willing, but there’s just one problem: Brighid’s Flame, the source of her power, is every bit as missing as Eva’s soul. And as the full truth unfolds, Callie realizes she’s in for the fight of her life.


If she’s lucky, winning will only cost her everything.

**Product Warnings**

Contains magical tattoos, angsty demon hunters, tricksy Loa, smokin’ hot…jazz…in the Big Easy, and rum. Lots of rum.





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