Author’s Log: Goal Keeping Without A Mask (& #ROW80)

Word Penguins*skids out from end of the week*


*pants heavily*

Wow, what a week. I launched my pre-release plans for Brighid’s Mark. I averaged 1,000 words a day on Searcher. I’m deep into rewrites on The Minstrel’s Daughter and revisions on Waking Muse #1. Somehow, I managed to shoehorn in a little violin and piano practice here and there.

Sleep? What is this “sleep” you speak of? *suspicious*

Luckily I had a three day weeked due to Good Friday, so I had a few blocks of time open up for me that I normally wouldn’t have had otherwise. I may not be so lucky this week, but we’ll see.


ROW80Logocopy Production Schedule (&ROW80):

Draft SEARCHER–ACT I (30,000 words): On Target
Current Status: 19,069
Next Step:
Reach 26K words by 4/26

I am somehow managing to keep up with my word count thus far, which makes me very happy indeed–I’m over halfway complete with ACT I! Woo-hoo!! I missed writing on Thursday, so put myself on double word count probation on Friday. This week I reached one of those really magical moments when my protagonist and I had a breakthrough at the same moment, and I ended up weeping over my keyboard even as Ana wept. She thought she had been broken, but when she realized she was still whole and real inside we both experienced a cathartic release. I don’t know if a lot of authors experience this, or if it’s a product of my theatre background, but it was pretty awesome either way.

Revise Waking Muse #1 (Contemporary Romance Novella): On Target
Current Status: Chapters 4-6 revised
Next Step: Revise final chapters. One final read-through after, and it’s off to be Pink Hammered at The Forge.

I’d forgotten how much I liked my protagonist’s brother, Charlie. Every time he’s on stage he makes me smile, and I think readers will really take to him. He’s outrageous as well as being a talented composer, and sings off key whenever his sister phones him. In other words, he’s delightfully Irish.

R&D on Waking Muse #2: On Target
Current Status:
Researching the food and wine culture in Montreal
Next Step:
Find residences for my two main characters–I’d love it if my chef could live on either a sail boat or a house boat somewhere in the city. Then I need to come up with a plot architecture and character sketches.

Draw up marketing plan for BRIGHID’S MARK (Keepers of the Flame #2): QUEST COMPLETE!

On Tuesday, April 15 I announced BIG DANG GIVEAWAY, which lists, like, 17 ways folks can wrestle an ARC out of my cold, trembling, ink-stained fingers. (Okay, so not 17–but it’s a lot). BIG DANG GIVEAWAY is active until Monday, April 28, so be sure to check it out while my sanity lasts. 😀

Also on April 15 I began posting daily snippets from Brighid’s Mark on Facebook and Twitter–I actually got smart (and Facebook actually got savvy) and scheduled my Facebook posts ahead of time, which will then cross pollinate to Twitter. These daily posts will continue until launch.

Next Sunday (April 27) The Tech Monkey and I are going to whip up a Book Launch feast of traditional New Orleans goodies and rum drinks to celebrate Brighid’s Mark‘s release on April 29. *tigger bounce*

This week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I’ll be releasing Chapters 7-9 of Origins #2 on Wattpad. Then, on April 28 (the following Monday), I’ll release the Epilogue. Readers will then be able to move straight from Callie’s origin story to it’s conclusion in Brighid’s Mark. Conversely, readers of Mark will be able to easily–and for free–discover how Callie became a Keeper of the Flame in the first place.



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