Author’s Log: To The Finish Line–And Beyond! (& #ROW80)

So BRIGHID’S MARK launched on Tuesday to a respectable bit of fanfare. So much so  that–thanks to you guys–I ranked really well on Samhain’s website. Really REALLY well!As in RANKED NUMBER 1 for best-selling new book in the Angels & Demons category as well as Post-Apocalyptic

Number. Freaking. ONE.


*falls over*

And if that couldn’t possibly get any better, on May 1 Keepers of the Flame #2 hit #9 in overall New Releases:

Brighid's Mark-May 1-No 9

You guys put the “Phenom” in “phenomanal” and the “Diggity” in “Bomb-Diggity”. Really.  I hardly know what to say, except perhaps:





I figure the best possible way I can thank you all is to KEEP WRITING. So that’s what I’m doing: making with the typeity-typeity until my fingers bleed. But you’re totally worth it. *warm fuzzies*

In other news, on Wednesday I finished drafting ACT I of my new fantasy novel, SEARCHER, and right on schedule. Approximately 30K words are now on the School Points board for House Searcher. Only 60K more to go–woo-hoo! In July I’ll swing back around for Act II, but for now I’m taking a break so I can get to work on Waking Muse #2.

In preparation for this I’ve been watching a LOT of cooking documentaries and learning about the world of haute cuisine in general. I’ve also been getting to know my characters, Chef Ian and Food Writer Jo. I’m thinking the conflict is going to be that Jo wrote the review article that put in the nail in the coffin of Ian’s first restaurant–which really did him a favor but he doesn’t quite see it that way. All I’m lacking at this point is a true antagonist-perhaps a snooty food critic as played by Alan Rickman? One can’t go wrong with casting Alan Rickman in much of anything, I’m thinking. 😀

On to the goals!

ROW80Logocopy Production Schedule (& ROW80):

WAKING MUSE #2 (Drafting): I need to get 20-25K words in the bag this month, beginning this coming week. As long as continue to average 1K words/day I should have no trouble making this deadline. *crosses fingers*

KEEPERS #4 (In Revision): The rough draft for this has been put away for several months now, so it’ll be interesting to see where I stand as far as how clean the raw draft is with the benefit of a fresh perspective. I recall really liking the beginning, but I suspect ACT III is a bit of a mess. I may or may not have repeated a major story point. *cringes* I’ll begin revising ACT I this week.

THE MINSTREL’S DAUGHTER (In Rewrites): This is the only goal I’m epically failing on thus far, but I’ve upgraded this draft from Revisions to Holy Overhaul, Batman! I see the problems–but it’s a serious liposuction that lies ahead of me. Time to tighten, tighten, tighten–without (hopefully) overdoing it. But I can make it stronger, faster…better than before. I HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY. Namely Scrivener.

GAME PLEX #1 (In Development): This is veeeeeeery tentative, and most like just for fun. I’d like to take explore the gaming culture of the near(ish) future and mix it up with some kind of mystery revolving around industrial espionage–sort of a modern take on Larry Niven’s Dream Park series. As an avid gamer (who else out there is waiting for Dragon Age III, and hating the fact the Elder Scrolls Online has no auction house?), this is an idea I’ve been playing with off and on for years. This will be a self-published endeavor, unlike THE MINSTREL’S DAUGHTER and SEARCHER, which I’m intending to shop around to agents. I don’t even know if GAME PLEX will turn out to be a viable thing or not–that’s what R&D is for! 🙂

So as I feverishly refresh my Samhain New Releases page get to work on my May production, let us know in the comments what you guys have planned for this month! Any new shinies on the horizon? Finishing anything good? Sound off!





3 thoughts on “Author’s Log: To The Finish Line–And Beyond! (& #ROW80)

    1. catemorgan says:

      Thanks, Ryan! I’m got my tool belt and my hard hat, so hopefully I won’t end up on some crazy reality show (Extreme Manuscript Makeover?). 😉

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