Author’s Log: Playing Catchup

Word Penguins So I know I haven’t checked in in awhile, for which I heartily apologize. Revisions for Waking Muse #1, due out later this month, has taken up a significant portion of my time. Given this is my one hard deadline, I need to concentrate on this–and I figure getting a book out when I say I’m going to is more important that weekly status updates at this juncture.

June is going to be a catch up month for me, seeing as there’s much yet to get done. Until I master the revisions of Waking Muse #1, I can’t, in good concscious, finish drafting the second book at my usual high rate. I’m thoroughly in post-production mode at this point, which means I’m hidng in a cave until the work gets done. Between Waking Muse #1, THE MINSTREL’S DAUGHTER, and Keepers #4 I am officially declaring June the Month of Revisions. This doesn’t mean I won’t be drafting, it just means it won’t be my first priority.

Also, I fully expect news on Keepers #3 from Editor Awesome at almost any moment. *refreshes inbox*

ALSO also, I need to buy more red pens.

A lot more.

Don’t get me wrong–I love this part of the process. The crafty, get-your-hands-dirty bit. But it is a LOT of work, yo. Probably even more so than the actual drafting. I wonder if movie editors feel this way in the cutting room? *ponders*

So while I pop my head back into the Revision Cave, why not sound off in the comments about how you tackle difficult revisions?

Or, as a reader, how often do you like to receive status updates from your favorite authors?





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