Author’s Log: Pushing The Big, Red Button (& #ROW80)

GossamerBugsI recently told Editor Awesome (who is still, verily, awesome), that lately I’ve felt like that scene from the Princess Bride: “I’ve got a wedding to plan, my wife to murder, and Gilder to frame for it—I’m swamped.”

In response I pushed the Big Red Button on my Production Schedule, which is my way of rearranging matters more my—and my readers’—liking. Because I love explosions.


Heh heh heh.

Anyway, I’m (finally!) releasing Waking Muse #1 into the wild as of this Friday. Rather than opening up two new series and making my readers wait a year between books, after releasing Waking Muse #2 in September, I decided to go ahead and released the third (and possibly final) book in December. That way I can also look into offering a box set in the first quarter of next year, probably for Valentine’s Day.

Also, this means my readers can learn to expect a new novella from me pretty much every 90 days or so, in March, June, September, and December, as long as I can keep releasing Keepers and/or Keepers: Origins books in spring every year.

This also opens me up to work on my novels, and anything else I want to draft for fun without a firm deadline. What I’m striving to do here is conserve my mental and emotional energy while still producing regularly (by extending my production cycle to give me plenty of lead time and room to balance projects in various stages of the process). It will also allow me to conserve my sense of joy and fun, which breeds inspiration.

The next five-six months are going to be chock full of revision goodness, as I get various projects into the next stage of production and then either submitted or completed. But, by golly, I’ll be able to breathe. I’ll have no more than three projects going in tandem within a given month, and beginning next year I’ll be down to two projects if I’m drafting to deadline, three if I’m not. This will hopefully give me time for contracted projects, cover art, and other side shinies that occasionally vie for my attention.

Here’s how things are looking so far:

Cleanup From June:

  1. Drafting: Waking Muse #2—Nearly done—YAY!!
  2. Revisions: The Minstrel’s Daughter—ACT I. Out of nine chapters, I’m on the last three.
  3. Complete:THE LADY TENNANT (Waking Muse #1) is officially out in the wild via Amazon KDP Select as of 6/27. 😀


Looking Ahead To July:

  1. Pre-Production: Keepers: Origins #3—I don’t have this one scheduled for drafting until December of this year, but I do want to get development prepped and ready to go on it. This will also mean re-reading through Keepers #3 to make sure I remain consistent and capture all the details I need pertinent to Tara and Stephen’s backstories. I’m imagining it as being something along the lines of Lord of the Flies meets Escape From New York. Or something. The nice thing about Origins is that my characters and settings are already pretty much researched and set out in its companion book, already drafted in the hot little hands of Editor Awesome.
  2. Drafting: Searcher—Act II. Again, I’ll have to re-read through Act I to re-familiarize with the story, outline what comes next based on the plot points marked out on my story diagram, and then bust out the next 30K or so words.
  3. Revisions: Waking Muse #2—Once I finish drafting, I’ll put it away for a week or so to marinate and so I can gain some perspective on it. Then I’ll give it at least three passes before turning it over to the Pink Hammer for a thorough pummeling (Post-Production).

It’s the beginning of a whole new Production quarter, so I’m excited to sweep up last quarter’s leavings and clear the way for an entirely fresh slate.

Until I blow that one up, too.




5 thoughts on “Author’s Log: Pushing The Big, Red Button (& #ROW80)

  1. Beth Camp says:

    Congrats on the release of THE LADY TENNANT. This looks fascinating and not just because my daughter is a violinist. I’ve not been able to balance editing with drafting and revising, but your major projects look both flexible and on track. Here’s to a great next round!

    1. catemorgan says:

      I bet your daughter is an awesome violinist, Beth–it’s such a beautiful, expressive–and challenging!–instrument.

      Good luck with your upcoming goals!

  2. shanjeniah says:

    You detail your process so well, and it’s giving me ideas for my own plethora of projects. I’ll be writing like a madwoman (because, really, that’s what I am!) in July, before spending the next 2-3 months in revisions and development, then NaNo, and December to wrap things up with a bow…or something like that.

    Sounds like you’ve got a great plan, and lots of excitement on the way! =D

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