Author’s Log: Wisdom Does NOT Come With Teeth (& #ROW80)

Warning Well, I didn’t write quite write as much as I’d hoped to this week, due to some minor wisdom tooth drama that made me miss a day (side note: OW OW OW!!), but I still made progress on the rough draft of SEARCHER. About 9-10k more words, and I’ll hit midpoint, maybe even by the end of this week. I’ve got my party to the capitol city, and my readers are about to meet our antagonists in person for the first time. Let the court intrigue and political dancing begin!

I’m really surprised with this draft. Usually, I experience at least one or two rough patches of plot stickiness despite all my assiduous planning, but not so far with SEARCHER. Every time I think I’m about to come up against something overly sticky, the solution presents itself with relatively little effort on my part. The story’s telling me where it needs to go, so I’m letting it lead me there.

And since the painkillers are making me a mite loopy–one to the goals (while I still remember them):

> PRE-PRODUCTION: Origins #3  (Deferred): I’m planning to work out a plot structure this week. It helps to already have had my back story written for Keepers #3, so my notes will guide me in determining what needs to take place. I want to have a complete outline in place by the end of the month.

> DRAFTING: Searcher–ACT II (In Progress): I broke the 35K word mark this week–as long as I don’t suffer any further, unexpected setbacks I should be back on track this week. I’m hoping to break midpoint this time next week.

> REVISE: Waking Muse #2 (Deferred): I’m still letting this one settle for a little while yet. I’m looking to start revisions mid month or so.

So, a short update this week, due to wisdom teeth that do not, in any way, make me feel more wise, and industrial strength Ibuprofen making me drowsy as well as loopy. Hopefully I’ll be back to witty form next week, at which point I hope to also have made progress on my new website-thingy.

Good luck to everyone this week–see you next Sunday!



2 thoughts on “Author’s Log: Wisdom Does NOT Come With Teeth (& #ROW80)

    1. catemorgan says:

      Things seems to be getting back to normal, but WOWEE–talk about a weekend from a special level of hell! As in, where they put ax-murderers and people who talk in the cinema.Yowza!

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