Author’s Log: Back To Black (Or Something) (& #ROW80)

Warning So, a week or so after my misadventures with Wisdom Tooth Shenanigans, I’m more or less back to normal–for a given value of “normal”, of course.

My sort-of, unofficial drafting goal is to draft 10K words per week, and as of this morning I made that goal for this week. Moving my drafting schedule to several days a week instead of every day is working really well for balancing writing with day job and life stuff. It also helps when I need to take a day off, because I still make significant progress by hitting at least 3K words per session.

The best part about the change-up to my drafting schedule is that I’m getting more, other writing-related stuff done (like planning and admin) while I’m on a Netflix marathon, and I’m feeling much more rested of late. This is good, because I work with a small team at the not-so-evil Day Jobbe, and someone just went on maternity leave, so I have to take on more responsibility. This is all fine and good, because now I don’t have a daily word count hanging over my head. I can draft like a demon during a scheduled session, and take a day off the next day, and it’s all good.

You may have also noticed some changes ’round these parts–that’s because I’ve changed up my Wordpress theme. It’s a portolio-based theme, which I think will suit me and my readers (thass you!) better. I’m still working out some kinks, so please bear with me. This blog has gone through a couple of iterations now, and this next one will be a good step up. LEVEL UP!

IN ADDITION, I’ve also set up my mailing lists, so if you want free review copies and exclusive content, then sign up now–space is limited!

This week I also got to announce the imminent release of BRIGHID’S FLAME (Keepers of the Flame #3) on March 17, 2015. Woo-hoo!!

On to the goals (July Edition)!


> PRE-PRODUCTION: Origins #3

This week during one of my planning sessions, I managed to sketch out a plot map. For the remainder of the month I’ll work on fleshing the map out into a viable outline and a series of story beats.


> DRAFTING: Searcher–ACT II (30k words)

I broke the 40K word mark this week, and I’m nearly at the halfway mark for the entire manuscript. LEVEL UP PLOT POINT! If I keep up the pace, I should have no problem reaching 60K words by the end of the month. Wisdom teeth notwithstanding.


> REVISE: Waking Muse #2

This week I’m adding Waking Muse #2 revisions to my non-drafting schedule. I want to have a couple of passes done before sending the manuscript off to The Pink Hammer at The Forge on August 1.

Your turn! What have you guys got going on this week?


2 thoughts on “Author’s Log: Back To Black (Or Something) (& #ROW80)

  1. shanjeniah says:

    Here’s to finding an approach that meets your needs rather than trying to shape yourself into your approach! Hooray, Cate!

    Sounds like you’re making solid and low-stress progress. Exciting to be moving forward in so many ways, at once. Even more so to be doing it with energy and enthusiasm!

    As for me – I’ve been up to camping and recuperation. Thinking about my WIP, writing lists of questions for those last 23 scenes, but no new writing. Soaking up experiences more than writing about them. Being where I was, and refilling the creative wells.

    I expect the words to gather and explode within the next week or two.

    May you continue to have a productive and pleasant round! =D

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