Author’s Log: Happy Bloggiversary To Me!


WordPress was kind enough remind me this morning that today is my three-year anniversary blogging with them. Yowza!

I’m on my third (at least) design template, and I’m come a long way since (yikes!) 2011. I’d been on Live Journal and Blogger before then, and in April of 2011 my first book ever, BRIGHID’S CROSS (Keepers of the Flame #1) got accepted into Samhain’s END OF DAYS anthology, whereupon I Squeed all over the internet and fell over.

I suffered not one, but two Technopocalyses that caused me to have to restart my beloved fantasy novel (the perpetual work-in-progress), THE MINSTREL’S DAUGHTER both times. The last time, I’d backed it up in two separate places, and the Great Technopocalypse of 2013 took out ALL THREE LOCATIONS.


But I endured, and you’ve endured right along with me. You’ve watched me struggled through the ups and downs of writing (poor you!), seen me doubt and get into my stride, fall down, and start get back on the horse. I’ve celebrated, and mourned, and imbibed copious amounts of rum. I went from intending to traditionally publishing all the books I wanted to write (even if it took fifty or sixty years), and hoping my publisher would be willing to put up with me for that long, to joinging the hybrid author bandwagon and taking on the stultifying–yet strangely liberating–challenge of writing like a madwoman so I can released something new at least every ninety days. (Still working on that last one.)

So thank you, all, for coming along on this wild ride. Here’s to another three years of progress!

*drops mic*

*on foot*



3 thoughts on “Author’s Log: Happy Bloggiversary To Me!

    1. catemorgan says:

      I’m using Dropbox and Skydrive now, too, in addition to a flash drive (because it’s a Steampunk flashdrive, and verily awesome). Never. Again. (Yeesh.)

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