Authoress In The Wild! (#tbcc)

Rule #1: Don’t go a-Conning in a costume weighed down in layers and/or leather. At least, not in August, in Florida.


50,000 people descended upon the Tampa Bay Convention Center this weekend, prepared to geek out and admire the work gone into one another’s elaborate costumes. Fortunately, this year, convention organizers seemed to have been better prepared than last year. Other than one “Sentry” who was under the mistaken impression that we are either a military operation and/or the Hunger Games, everyone was polite and helpful and very professional. Parking was a snap for the savvy planner, and other than the oppressive heat and sheer mind-boggling amount of people (never a good combination), it was, overall, a positive experience. Lots of kiddies this year, all dressed up, which it always fun to see.

For those who like to wax poetical on what’s Steampunk and what isn’t: shut the hell up. It’s fiction. It can be WHATEVER someone’s imagination decides it is. I didn’t have any problems, but a fellow ‘punker had gotten “schooled” by someone at a booth, and she asked my opinion. It as her first Con, and her first costume. I hope was I able to make her feel better, wherever she is now.

LOTS of artists this year, both mainstream and independent–the entire Exhibition Hall had been opened up this year, so there was plenty of breathing space and room to move around, despite the impromptu photo ops in odd places. Lots of fellow authors this year, too, both trads and indies. Saw some gorgeous artwork and craftsmanship, and picked up a fair amount of Loot. Among the takings:

  • 2 Sandman comics I did not currently own. Because Sandman.
  • Several indie comics. Noticeable trend here: a lot of these were pitched as “Harry Potter meets X”.
  • Several books from Twilight Publishing, whose three representative authors were AWESOME. Picked up one of everything.
  • Replica Renaissance sewing scissors/dagger
  • Fully functional practice fan. Had they had two in black, I would have gotten a pair, but alas.
  • T-shirts! I added to my growing Firefly collection, and the Tech Monkey went with a War Machine.
  • Prints! Beautifully drawn David Tennant as Dr. Who, and Benedict Cumerbatch, and color promo prints of the Boondock Saints and Firefly.


What? I have a deadline? Better find another adventure to write about!
What? I have a deadline? Better find another adventure to write about!
Annoying little bugger
Annoying little bugger.


The Tech Money and I decided we were going to stay at a nearby hotel next year, if we can get in early enough, so that we can easily bop across the street to the convention and back. Also, no costume next year, because EVERYTHING hurt by the time we got home. I’ll save the costumes for Necronomicon in October.

In other news, I decided to give myself another week or so to finish drafting Act II of SEARCHER, since I’m very nearly finished and I didn’t have any other drafting scheduled for August. Then it’s just a matter of waiting for The Pink Hammer return edits of HEARTH & HOME (Waking Muse #2).

Now, off to nurse my Con Brain* and swim through my Loot like Scrooge McDuck, and count the days until Necronomicon. W00T!

*Symptoms include: Exhaustion, Sweating, Sore Feet, Crankiness, Muscle Fatigue, Empty Wallet, and a Severe Need To Never Do This Again–until next year.


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