Author’s Log: August Goals (& #ROW80)



  1. Finish Drafting SEARCHER: Act II—Quest Completed! I’m a little more than 60K in, and ramping up for the final push. Just 30K more to go, which I’ll start in October. I ended up giving myself an extra, much-needed week on this one, which worked out since I had my local Comic Con last weekend, and no official drafting happening for the month of August.
  2. Revise HEARTH & HOME (Waking Muse #2)—Quest Completed! I got draft #3 off to The Pink Hammer for a vigorous bout of editing and critiques, paid her very reasonable bill, and I should have everything back from her by August 22. As always, I’m looking forward to getting her notes back, as she’s unbelievably thorough and gives me plenty to do to improve upon the story. This is also gives me a solid month to work on rewrites prior to release at the end of September.
  3. Develop TARA (Origins #3)—Quest Completed! I won’t be drafting this one for quite a while, since BRIGHID’S FLAME (Keepers of the Flame #3) won’t be out until March 2015, and I release the corresponding companion story a month prior (since they’re origin stories). But it’s nice to have initial Pre-Production in the bag, because I can refine my outline and story beats as I go through edits on Keepers #3 for Editor Awesome at Samhain.

All in all, I’m EXTREMELY happy with the way my new drafting schedule is going. I’m knocking out more words than ever, but am feeling rested and refreshed every time I sit down to work. And I’m sure the Tech Monkey appreciates not having to deal with my GO AWAY face every day, which makes for a much happier Tech Monkey, let me tell you. 😀


  1. Post-Production on HEARTH & HOME: Now that Waking Muse #2 is in the very capable, pink-wielding hands of my indie editor (don’t let the pink fool you—she’s one tough cookie!), I need to start the Post-Production wheels turning on this project. This means I need to get together cover art, jacket copy, and all those things that package a book into a Book, up to and including adding the receipes from Ian’s fictional restaurant to the back matter.
  2. Pre-Production on FALLEN ANGEL (Waking Muse #3): Character profiles and back stories, plotty goodness—everything needs to be ready to rock and roll before September, when I begin drafting. I captured a surprising Plot Bunny the other day that I think will make the story doubly exciting, so I’m looking forward to digging in. It opened a window into my heroine’s back story, while also revealing the antagonist, so it looks like I’m well on my way. I’ve always wanted to write a con artist/art theft story! 🙂
  3. Revise THE MINSTREL’S DAUGHTER—Act II: The second Act on this one was a little rough going for me drafting-wise, especially once I’d reached Midpoint—it was an uphill struggle to Plot Point 2. That means this section of the manuscript will, most likely, entail a lot of work since I figured things out later rather than sooner. Now’s my chance to tear it apart with a pair of mental seam rippers and stitch it up again, nice and trim.

And that’s about it for the updates. I’ve got a nice three-week break off from drafting, so there’s no reason I can’t get everything done that I want to this month. I might tinker a bit with a side project here and there, in case I get itchy drafting fingers, but there’s no solid deadline hanging over my head. It makes for a nice change, and I should be good and refreshed come September.

Here’s to hoping everyone has a good, productive August!


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