Author’s Log: Dog Days Of Summer (& #ROW80)


For those of you who don’t know what “dogs days of summer” means, you probably haven’t lived in the South. Hoo-da-LALLY, y’all. I know this is Florida and all, but we’re generally a bit more temperate on the central gulf side–I don’t even want to know what Miami’s like right now.

Back when the Tech Monkey and I used to spend Halloween in New Orleans, the weather was comparable to the Midwest at the high point of summer, but with more humidity. One of the lovely gentlemen who ran the B&B we stayed at (the bottom level of their Garden District house, essentially (if it’s still over on Thalia Avenue after Katrina, I highly recommend staying there if you get the chance, as you’ll get the B&B portion of the house to yourself), once likened New Orleans in August to being like inside of a dog’s mouth: hot, humid, and downright stinking.

I’ve never forgotten that. In fact I regret not having the opportunity to use it when I wrote BRIGHID’S MARK. Naturally, I’ll have to write another story in New Orleans, or a character from there, just so I can use it.

So I took an entire week off of anything writing-related. Not having any new drafting scheduled this month, I’m enjoying the much-needed break. I’ve been bingeing on books and Netflix, mainly–i.e., refilling the well. I got the Tech Monkey to start watching White Collar with me during our TV nites on Tuesdays and Thursdays, in preparation for drafting Waking Muse #3 in September.

Also, lots of violin and piano practice, and getting my office in order so I can move back into it at some point with my brand new desk of Massive, Epic, Authorness ™. Somehow, the Tech Monkey and I have managed build domestic life in the past fourteen years that resembles that of a couple of college roommates. So my epic quest this month is to Purge, Baby, Purge!


1. Pre-Production: FALLEN ANGEL (Waking Muse #3)–This is pretty much plotted at this point, and my characters are pretty well set. I’ve got my artist, Cassidy, my con man Nick, and my antagonist as Cassidy’s uncle Sol, her mother’s brother who wants to pull her back into the family of travellers Cassidy’s mom escaped with the help of her dad, who was Nick’s mentor. I’m taking an ambitious plot involving more than one con, so I’ll need to pace myself carefully.

2. In Revision: THE MINSTREL’S DAUGHTER–I generally work in chapter groups of three, because of how my pacing–the building and execution of my plot points–works, and because three chapters is about all I can manage in a single session. I may have to graph my plot threads–I have three–just to make sure everything’s woven properly. And also because, well, geek.

3. Post-Production: HEARTH & HOME (Waking Muse #2)–My manuscript is still in the hot, pink-wielding hands of The Hammer. I’ve finished the cover copy, and I’m working on proofs for my cover art. I still need to work on front and back matter, and to add the Heart recipes. I’m still on point to release at the end of September.  Word has it Amazon has announced pre-order capabilities for indie authors, so YAY. Depending on how final polishing goes, I may have to utilize this.

How about you guys? How are you surviving the Dog Days of Summer?






5 thoughts on “Author’s Log: Dog Days Of Summer (& #ROW80)

  1. nancyrae4 says:

    Ugh, it’s hot and dry here. I know that sounds like pitiful whining, but expatriate southern gal has lost all tolerance for heat after living in Colorado for years.

    I wish I could say I accomplish a tenth of what you do but, for the moment I’m working on revision, one scene at a time. The first chapter is important because I’ll use it as a template for my depth of world building, character description, and dialog. My whiteboard is basically filled with plot, theme, and sub-plot lines. So, off I go!

  2. shanjeniah says:

    I spent a winter in the Everglades. Summer?! No, thanks. This upstate New York girl bows out. But I give you permission to laugh at me if I’m standing in snowbanks taller than me again, in a few months.

    It gets humid here (just ask my hair!), but not Deep South humid, thankfully!

    I do always love coming to visit you, because, like me, you like multiple projects. And you crack me up, which is a delightful plus. =)

    1. catemorgan says:

      I aim to entertain, Shan–and misbehave. Which may, or may not, equate to the same thing. I’ll keep you posted. 😀

      Thanks for stopping in, Shan–it’s always good to see you ’round here.

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