COVER ART REVEAL: Hearth & Home AND Brighid’s Flame!

Surprise! It’s double trouble today, because I’ve got not one but TWO covers to reveal!


Find out more about HEARTH & HOME


Find out more about BRIGHID’S FLAME

I’m super thrilled to be able to bring both titles to you within the next SIX months (whew, that’s a lot of work, especially with the third Waking Muse title currently in production for release in December)!

And, of course, I’m always happy for the chance to give away review copies and exclusive content like they’re going out of style, which is why I’ve recently started two, shiny newsletters. Now you can get all the cool stuff directly to your inbox!

Check out Speculative Ink for genre titles like BRIGHID’S FLAME, or Heart Linked for straight romance titles like HEARTH & HOME.

In other news, THE LADY TENNANT (Waking Muse #1) can be purloined for 99c as a Kindle Countdown deal from Sept 1 thru Sept 8 in honor of HEARTH & HOME’s release on Sept 26.


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