Author’s Log: In Which Plot Happens (& #ROW80)


“I love deadlines. I like the ‘whooshing’ noise they make as they fly by.” ~Douglas Adams

Hoo-da-lally, folks. Talk about deadlines. They’re all whooshing about my head like a flock of blue birds over the head of a cartoon character just after they’ve been flattened by an anvil. Occasionally they dive bomb me. Deadlines, not anvils.


Here’s what landed in my lap this week, aside from Ninja Katz:

  1. I refined my plotting for FALLEN ANGEL (Waking Muse #3). Over on I came across not only Blake Snyder’s Save The Cat Story Planning Worksheet, but Jami quite cleverly came up with a similar Planning Worksheet geared toward romance story lines. Both worksheets automatically calculate word and page counts for each story beat and plot point. It’s in Excel, and I’m a geek, so I squee’d all over myself and proceeded to re-outline my entire story in a matter of days by using a combination of both worksheets.
  2. I’m nearly finished with revisions on HEARTH & HOME (Waking Muse #2). Because I’ve got this book on Pre-Order on Amazon, I’ve got to have the final draft in by September 16. I’ve got one scene to rewrite and a final chapter to polish, and then I’m good to go.
  3. I received 1st Round Edits back from Editor Awesome on BRIGHID’S FLAME (Keepers of the Flame #3). Apparently I’m still having some minor POV issues, and an overusage of wandering body parts–hands shooting out to pummel someone, etc. Editor Awesome does love how “completely badass” Tara is in every scene, and she enjoyed how sweet the love story is. Edits are due September 12, so that’s what I’m focussing on this weekend.

Odds And Ends

I got smacked between the eyes with a plot bunny this week (Killer Rabbits?! RUNAWAY!!) It was so sudden and persistent the main characters and a great deal of world building got directly downloaded into my brain from on high, which was swiftly followed by the entire first scene.

I don’t want to wait to write this story (based on my current schedule, it’ll be years before I would get to it), so I may have to draft this during my next official drafting break as a side project. I haven’t decided whether this project will be self-published or if I’ve going to send it Editor Awesome’s way for Samhain.

Also this month, I want to update all my book links on my self-pubbed list to include my newsletter for Speculative Ink.



I’m shooting for 9-10k words per week again on this one (when I’m fast-drafting I can usually get in a little over 3K per writing session). That should get me through one act per week, at 3-4 writing sessions per week.

> IN REVISION: Keepers #4

Once BRIGHID’S FLAME edits are back to Editor Awesome, I’ll do a read-through on Keepers #4, make line edits and corrections as I go, and make document notes in Scrivener on the major stuff I need to do. Once I have a To-Do list, I’ll make the revision, give ‘er a final polish, and send it off to BETA readers for their assessment in October.


This book is scheduled for release on September 26, but because I’ve got it on the Amazon Pre-Order program, I’ve got to have the final draft uploaded before then. Once I complete revisions, I’ll add an excerpt from FALLEN ANGEL to the manuscript, cross my fingers, and upload the final.

I’m not quite sure how this KDP Select experiment of mine is working, as it’s still early days. In March of next year I’ll see how the numbers look, to see if KDP Select is worth the exclusivity time. If you want to read any of the Waking Muse books in any other format, let me know through my Contact Cate link and and I’ll get you review copies.

So what have you guys got going on for September? Are the kiddies back in school? Looking forward to fall?



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