Author’s Log: Necronomicon And Other Updates (& #ROW80)


So last weekend the Tech Monkey attended Necronomicon horror and dark fantasy convention here in town, and a modest amount of action and adventure was had by all. It was SUCH a nice change from the now mainstream (and slightly overblown) Comic Con. It reminded me a lot of the Gen Con gaming convention we went to every year up north, before Wizards of the Coast took over and over-corporated it before leaving town altogether. It was small, and friendly, and we got to talk to some really cool people and put our con budget where it would do the most good.

We even met my fellow Samhain author Lucienne Diver and her hubs, and picked up a couple of her books, as well as a very pretty necklace she made.

(If you haven’t checked out her Vamped series yet, you totally need to. It’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Clueless. It’s fast-paced, it’s funny, and it’s fun. Imagine of Cordelia got turned into a vampire at her high school prom…by the president of the chess club-turned-hottie.)

During the week I’ve been plugging away at my October goals. The excitment is building because I can feel myself in the home stretch. I’m sure you know the feeling–you’ve just gotten through the second plot point of a draft and only have a quarter of the way to go, which usually turns into a mad dash for The End so you can GET IT DONE. At least, that’s how it is for me.

I got another round of revisions in to Editor Awesome on BRIGHID’S FLAME (Keepers of the Flame #3), due for release in March 2015. Next up is Final Line Edits, courtesy of Editor Eagle-Eye. As always, I find I learn the most about craft from my editorial notes–useful things I can then carry over into future projects.

Let’s go to the Quest Log to see how we’re doing:


1. Finish rough draft of FALLEN ANGEL (Waking Muse #3): In Progress.

Admittedly not a lot of words drafted on this one this week, but progress was still had. I keep finding myself trying to make things overly clever or complicated in regards to the heist stuff (I love a good heist), and I’ve found I did a bang-up job painting my hero into a corner when it comes to the romance angle–so much so, I’m not sure how I’m going to resolve it. How the hell is my heroine expected to fall in love with him? Yeesh.

So this week has been all about having a good, hard think over where my story is going (or, at least, where it thinks it’s going). I’ll let you know how it turns out.

2. Finish revisions of Keepers #4: QUEST COMPLETED!

My BETA draft is off to my ravenous crew, and now I can turn my attention to cover copy (used for my cover letter to Editor Awesome–yes, even though I have an official Acquisitions Editor, I still have to follow my publisher’s submission guidelines), and my 2-3 page synopsis.

Your turn, guys–how’s your Quest Log looking so far?




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