Some of you may or may not know my verily awesome engagement story. (Don’t worry–no Jumbo Trons were abused in the making of this story.)

In October 2000, the Tech Monkey and I embarked upon our First Roadtrip as a dating couple. We were following an indie band that used to play at his club Down South on their Unbuckling The Bible Belt tour (yes, it was that kind of band).

In Huntsville, AL there is a Landry’s who employs, quite possibly, the best bartender ever. There, I overdid it on seafood and rum drinks as you can only do on a warm, sunny autumn day on the Gulf Coast. I fell asleep before we ever left the parking lot of Landry’s.

When I woke up, my first bleary sight was of a sign alerting me to the fact that we were approximately 60 miles away from New Orleans. This was not a part of our Itenerary–the band would be playing in Atlanta that night, i.e. in the opposite direction of where we were heading now.

For the record, I’d mentioned in passing once that I’d always wanted to go to New Orleans, either for Halloween or Mardis Gras. It was two days before Halloween, and the Tech Monkey was surprising me with a trip to New Orleans.

Two days later, on Halloween night on Bourbon Street, the Tech Monkey asked me to marry him. Naturally, I said “yes”.

This is my favorite story to tell, and to this day New Orleans is one of my favorite cities in the whole world. The week of Hallween the Tech Monkey and I will celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary.

So, in honor of anniversaries, and New Orleans, and Halloween, I will be giving away free, electronic copies of BRIGHID’S MARK.


There are two ways to snag this Halloween treat–almost as good as a full-sized Snickers in your Trick or Treat loot bag!

1. Join my Speculative Ink newsletter. (It’s worth noting that I only use this newsletter to announce newsworthy items, new books or to give books away–you will not, nor will you ever be, Spammed by me.)

2. Use the handy-dandy Contact Form at the bottom of this post.


If you’re into Double Trouble (I know I am), then check it: If you leave an honest review for BRIGHID’S MARK at your favorite online book place, send me the link and I will respond with not only my profusive (not to mention vaguely creepy) thanks, but with an Advance Reader Copy of BRIGHID’S FLAME when it becomes available.


This Giveaway is good starting today, October 24, until All Saint’s Day (November 1).

Let the Halloween Shenanigans commence! 😀




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