Author’s Log: Back In The Saddle (& #ROW80)


1. So I’m back from taking some much needed time off, both online and offline. The hubs and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary by going to see Dracula: Untold, which was okay but not great. Excellent acting and action, but suffered from plot holes and “This movie is clearly a setup for the sequel”-itis. Which means not enough thought was given to investing in the story, which means I wasn’t wholly invested. Also, too much plot moppetry, and the pacing was seriously off. It’s definitely a “leave your brain at the door” action movie. I was really hoping for more of an Impaler story where he becomes Dracula closer to the end, as the catalyst to the final push/battle or even at the end. This was not that movie.

Luke Evans and Charles Dance were sublime, however. There’s a reason Charles Dance makes my favorite Vetinari in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld movies, and of those movies Going Postal is my favorite.

2. I’ve been deep in the rabbit hole that consists of finishing (finally) FALLEN ANGEL. I won’t lie–it’s been a climb and a half, but satisfying in the end. Heist stories are hard, yo. I have a whole new respect for the writers of Leverage. I hope to get the final-ish manuscript to The Pink Hammer for editing by November 15.

3. I’ve also been deep in Final Line Edits (FLE) for BRIGHID’S FLAME, which got turned in on Friday, 11/7. *whew* I got some more review copies of BRIGHID’S MARK out during my Trick or Treat Halloween giveaway, and a couple more followers of my newsletter, which was nice. My Tribe grows apace. *waves at Tribe*

4. Once FALLEN ANGEL is finally in the hawt little hands of The Hammer, it’s time to turn my attention to finishing SEARCHER (rough draft) and MINSTREL’S DAUGHTER (revisions).

5. DRAGON AGE: INQUISITION is coming out on November 18. This makes me Squee! like a thirteen-year-old at a New Kids On The Block concert. (Or, if you’re me, a thirteen-year-old at an Alice Cooper concert.)

We’re in the home stretch now for 2014. So far, I have managed all my goals, but I still have a ways to go. How are you guys doing?


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