Author’s Log: In Which We Crawl Out Of A Pit (& #ROW80)


So I’m back from the proverbial dead. We had some pretty drastic weather changes here in Florida, which not only spurred my allergies into a state of Epic Nastiness, but laid me out with some pretty intense headaches because of the barometer pressure. And then my wisdom teeth queued up with their own complaints.

(For the record, I only developed allergies since I’ve been in Florida. When I’ve lived in other parts of the country–quite literally EVERY other part–allergies have never been an issue because the things that are supposed to die every winter actually DO.)

My ears are still ringing and my eyes are watering, but I’m feeling much better. But for two solid weeks I was more or less useless.


Fallen Angel (Waking Muse #3) is DONE.


It’s a mess. Not only is it timey-wimey, but wibbly-wobbly as well. I was clearly on allergy meds when I wrote some of it.  (Maybe I can sell it as stream-of-consciousness? Um, no. Probably not.)

I’m not even what size or shape the thing is at this point, but I guess what revisions are for. Now that I don’t have a 17-pound throbbing bowling ball for a head, I can print it out and get all stabby with the Red Pen of Death.

At least I got daught up with my TV watching in the meantime. The D.S. and I are really enjoying new shows Forever and Constantine. J’adore Ioan Gruffudd (however he’s spelled) and Forever reminds me a lot of short-lived show New Amsterdam.

*SIDE NOTE: In case you’re wondering, Ioan’s name is full-on Welsh, and is pronounced Yo-an Griffith. So I may not be able to spell Welsh (I’ll leave that to JRR Tolkien), I’m at least not half-bad at pronouncing it. 🙂

Constantine is everything I was missing from the movie. Constantine is actually blonde and British and wears a rumpled overcoat (yay!!), and displays just the right mixture of film noir world-weariness and snark. It’s as if Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore birthed a love-child from their skulls and the show is slightly put out with its parents in pure sulky teenage fashion. If the same people can put a Sandman show together, you’ll never hear from me again.

In other news, Final Proofs for BRIGHID’S FLAME were turned in this week. As soon as ARC comes through and the Pre-Orders are set up, I can get the ARCs out to reviewers and my newsletter.

In OTHER other news, my copy of Dragon Age: Inquisition came this week, so I think a much-needed break is in order. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Author’s Log: In Which We Crawl Out Of A Pit (& #ROW80)

  1. Chris Kincaid says:

    Aren’t allergies horrible? I have never had them and never believed in them, until one day two and a half months ago, when my nose got stuffed up and has not cleared up since. Allergy pills and decongestants did not do a thing. I finally bought a Neti-pot because so many people around here swear by them. It is a really disgusting process, but it did help my nose. Now my back is out!

    Best of luck with those nasty allergies and with your writing goals. Have a great week.

  2. John Holton says:

    Mary and I never had allergies to deal with allergies when we lived in Chicago, but since moving to Georgia, hers have flared up, and we’ve also had a couple of cats who had trouble with them.

    Congrats on getting the first draft finished. Have fun with the Red Pen O’Death.

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